Greater enforcement of laws needed to protect women from Violence – Webster


[] – Human Services and Social Security Minister Jennifer Webster has issued a call for greater enforcement of the current laws to protect Guyanese women from violence and facilitate perpetrators being brought to justice.

Minister-of-Human-Services-Jennifer-WebsterWebster also highlighted the need for greater advocacy on the part of all Guyanese against violence of all forms.

Her comments come as Guyana joins the rest of the world to observe International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women today, Monday (November 25) under the theme: “From Peace in the Home and Community to Peace in the World, Let’s End Violence Against Women”.

According to Webster, commemorating this day is not only about women, but specific attention is paid to Guyana’s girls and boys, parents, families, communities and other countries around the world.

She believes that the most important factor for the development of any nation is its people. As such the Minister highlighted the importance for all of Guyanese to recognize the need to ensure that they are equipped with the requisite skills and tools to support development within while government will preserve and advance the process.

“In our quest for development violence should have no part. We are all aware of the negative impact violence has had in many societies in the world. Here in Guyana, at the level of the Government there is ‘zero tolerance for violence,” she added.

The Human Services Minister said it is absolutely necessary for everyone to become involved – especially young people.

She called for more encouragement of advocates for the promotion of role models of family life and good moral behaviour.

“We need to address the root causes underlying this unabated violence and abuse, which includes gender discrimination, low morale of our girls, poverty, religious and cultural belief. There is also a greater need for enforcement of the current laws to protect our women, and to facilitate perpetrators being brought to justice.”

She pointed out that at the national level, Guyana has a strong and robust legislative and policy framework in place for the protection of women.  In this regard Webster registered her concern at the instances of victims who still suffer in silence.

She said there is the need for further continued commitment and resources to accelerate action to strengthen interventions.

“So, Say no to violence! The time has come for us to support each other in various ways as we go about our lives in our homes, schools, churches and our communities. Let us all work together and join forces so that the current problems we face can be resolved together, so that we the people of Guyana can contribute in a meaningful way to Guyana’s development,” Webster implored.



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