Granger warns Security Heads not to be swayed by ‘political directives’ during APNU protests

APNU Leader, David Granger leads the protest action in front Office of the President earlier this week.


Opposition Leader David Granger during his recent protest for Local Government Elections.
Opposition Leader David Granger during his recent protest for Local Government Elections.

[] – Leader of the Opposition, David Granger is calling on Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), Brigadier Mark Phillips and Police Commissioner (ag), Seelall Persaud not to allow members of their respective services to be drawn into any unlawful actions against law-abiding citizens.

Granger issued the call a day before holding a planned rally at the Square of the Revolution in rejection of President Donald Ramotar’s decision to prorogue Parliament.

The APNU has also announced a series of peaceful pro democracy protests to raise public awareness on the issues.

Chief - of - Staff of the GDF, Mark Phillips.
Chief – of – Staff of the GDF, Mark Phillips.


Commissioner of Police (ag), Seelall Persaud
Commissioner of Police (ag), Seelall Persaud

A media release from the Party stated that they are concerned and dismayed at newspaper reports that there has been sudden, heightened training by members of the Police Force in Georgetown under the Command of Senior Superintendent, Clifton Hicken.

“Brigadier Granger calls on officers and members of the GDF and GPF not to be swayed by perverse political directives aimed at provoking a disturbance of the peace or causing injury to innocent individuals. All members of the Defence Forces and Disciplined Services are required to behave in a professional manner in the performance of their duties. They are to ensure that the law is enforced and the Constitution is upheld,” the APNU release stated


  1. I will say it again that Grainger is a political dunce..
    Nagamoottoo picked the fight with PPP with his no confidence crap.
    Ramjattan get Granger to go along with it and the fool he is fell for it.
    You think you will see Nagamoottoo and Ramjattan at the square of the reveloution addressing PNC crowd?
    They might send Nighell n Kathy Hughes.
    Grainger made a deal with Ramotar for the people of Linden.
    Ramjattan and Nagamoottoo ran up quick to Linden and tell Lindeners how Granger sold them out.
    Here we go again….Ramjattan and Nagamootto putting the final nail in Grainger coffin..
    Government have a constitutional right to do what it did and PNC protesting.
    Can anyone imagine if Government was wrong on this what would PNC do?
    PNC wrong to cut Government Estimates but they done it anyhow because RamjattanandNagamootto told them so.
    PNC wrong when the court ruled that they are trampling on the constitution but PNC just does not care..PNC legal advisers are Ramjattan- Nagamoottoo -Cris Raam.
    Grainger and PNC cant see it as yet how they are being used just like how PNC using their crowd to come out onto the streets.

  2. ishsmile R U trying to imply that it was Kickens that killed them 3 protestors?
    If U have that proof then my not send it to Inews and they will gladly post it for the world to see.
    U must be thinking too that it was Rohee that ordered that killing too.
    Again if you have that proof do same as I asked if not just stuff your pie hole wit the shit PNC and KN criminals feeding you. Your statement makes u look like a dunce.

  3. Love your comments, waste man Granger is calling for a peaceful protest, is that a joke??

    When have they ever carried out a peaceful protest, look what happen at Agricola.

  4. “All members of the Defense Force and Disciplined Services are required to behave in a professional manner” I agree. That means they should not allow lawlessness, looting, burning, racial harrassment and other forms of indecency practised by the opposition paraders.
    So take warning security forces….Granger speaks.

  5. I just read in your news paper that Hickens is in charge of tomorrows rally have you all forgot that it was Hickens who was in charge in Linden Town when those three young men lost their lives

  6. Granger, you need to stop reciting and start thinking for yourself. If you did what you’re asking the security force to do when you’re handing out those AK 47 then the most brilliant afro Guyanese Dr. Walter Rodney would have been alive today. Go to the square of the revolution, your father the devil is waiting to be worshiped. It’s not late to repent you know. You can still be forgiven, make your choice.


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