Granger vows to protect Berbicians from crime; promises to keep sugar, rice industries alive

Presidential Candidate, David Granger, his wife and other supporters.

By Tracey Khan – Drakes

APNU AFC Crowd[] – Presidential Candidate of the APNU+AFC Coalition, David Granger told the thousands of supporters who gathered at Whim, Corentyne that his government will protect them from crime which continues to plague Berbicians on a daily basis.

Granger said he will device a crime strategy plan to tackle piracy among other issues since it is the biggest challenge facing the people of that region, citing the crime situation as the reason why businesses are not investing in Guyana.

“I will make you safe, because i am going to establish a Police Force that will care about you, that will answer your emergency calls.”

Granger chastised Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee, describing him as incompetent and uncaring for the many persons that have been affected by the crime situation.

Presidential Candidate, David Granger, his wife and other supporters.
Presidential Candidate, David Granger, his wife and other supporters.

Meanwhile, the APNU/AFC leader also committed not to destroy the sugar and rice industries, pointing out that Guyanese are being misled by the People’s Progressive Party Civic.

“We need your sugar, we need your rice, we need your fish; who doesn’t need fish?” the Presidential Candidate said.

He further noted, “The PPP regarded Corentyne as a vote farm, not anymore.”




  1. Carrie, Thanks for the information, I didn’t know that black woman got balls. I have plenty Africansisters, but they never me that they have balls. Vanessa, probably get big, big balls? Yes I see how Granger get her to roll out her balls, she probably has more balls than you though Carrie? Carrie, I hope you are not lying about your balls, the way Vanessa lie in court yesterday?

  2. Granger is a very deceitful snake! From the very Genesis of election in our country , since Burnham dictatorial , autocratic rule, for him to remain in power , he implemented certain mechanism, this is when the genesis of rigging elections started. Burnham died in August 1985 and was succeeded by Desmond Hoyte as President of Guyana.But, despite first expectation that he would reverse the autocratic and dictatorial nature of the PNC, the election of December 1985 were even more heavily rigged than before. This rigging mechanism so planned , so brutally, because this snake, Granger was all the time heading this possess, he was the animal in-charge. Now ! Granger talking about protection Berbicians and fighting crimes. This hypocritical leader along with his darling Magamootoo. The Guyanes people should totally reject these kinds leaders , they are out to destroy this country.

  3. Anil get caught on tape planning to wipe out Kaieteurnews… Both you and I know that was wrong but I am a woman have more balls than you to admit That Anil is More Dangerous…. Granger is danger? No Anil and he raping uncle is more danger…

  4. Rick You are deliberately blinding your self.. And also, I have perfect vision that’s why I’m not voting for the ppp. I dont want you to arrange my eye care at the defunct (that means not working) eye clinic.. Your dumb ass deliberately ignored all the FACTS I presented and I’m not surprised that all your party is good for because all your dutty panty.. ah mean party and its followers good for. attacking people instead of issues…Lets play a game of facts : two rallies were held on sunday…. dispute me if I’m wrong… The one in Kitty talk about people and who do what.. and who know what and who is this and that and completely ignoring issues facing the country.. High crime rate, high unemployment rate amongst youths et al… and it was large people get free ride from all over and dispute meh if a wrong if BK, Guysuco and Buddies them and the rest didnt ship in people and pay them 4 grand a head fuh tun up. and the other Rally in Whim (a former ppp strong hold) had People talking about what they WILL do when the get into power, and presented PLANS on how they will do it….. And Also you little stupid cunt… to bring up Ramjattan natural deformity for fun shows how vile and sick and foolish you are. Your mother should have swallowed your dad’s sperm instead of letting an idiot like you to be conceived.

  5. Yes James i agree with you , Granger can talk to the criminals and asked them to stay away form berbice, like how Felix were protecting those falling crows , some people call them heroes, some say freedom fighters….. according to the telephone conversation , with him and Basil…..these two men were very upset because these criminals were ceased to occupy space.

  6. Oh! carrie, i almost forget please tell your friend Ramjattan that they do fix twisted eyes there too…..

  7. crrrie! you really deah bad, and like yo blind , tek wan brand new wire brush and scrub yo eyes! or come to the ophthalmology centre that the PPP built at Berbice, that helps thousands of Guyanaese, even form other Caribbean counties, having them save hundreds of thousands of dollars, I can arrange, having a wheelchair and an ambulance to pick you up, to have a thorough surgery on your eyes there, at this very centre. This my friend will help you, its free, of course its free, so you can appreciate a great deal to see, to see progress…..! and this my friend is just an iota of the many tangible progress , in our country.

  8. Granger thinks that the the Guyanese people has short memory, but if they do thanks for record keeping , the internet , social media , these components will continue to exposed these wolves , these vultures . Granger “prattle” his stink mouth at whim , his deceitful tongue, I want Granger himself to explain this: In the book New Road, Granger appeared to be glorifying the role played by the Army and fails to acknowledge the fact that Guyanese were killed while demonstrating for their rights as the ballots were not counted at the place of poll back in 1973 and there were fears that the PNC using the Army would have taken the ballot boxes to an undisclosed place and changed the votes in support of the PNC.
    In fact, after killing the two men, who were later declared to be “The Ballot Box Martyrs”, the GDF took the ballot boxes to Camp Ayanganna in Georgetown where ballot boxes from all over the country were also brought. The government said that the ballots were counted – even though the process was observed by none of the invited official observers and the PNC was declared to have received 70 per cent of the votes.

  9. Granger, said he will devise a strategy, and will establish a force that will answer your call. All who believe Granger will protect them are free to shout, “Yes Granger, kill me dead now, you already got my soul” Because Granger indeed has a PNC strategy.
    The strategy is appointing Winston Felix, Minister of Home Affairs, and Basil Williams Minister of Legal Affairs and Attorney General. As it is those two scondrels have been in Parliament as shadow Ministers of that two Ministries. Do we /you wants to know who those culprits are???? Google them. Just type , Then top cop Winston Felix and PNC official discuss planting drugs.
    Also type in. The Winston Felix and Basil Williams tape.
    And for bonus type. Felix captured on tape making firearm deals (bribery)
    Now you will understand why Guyana has so much crime.
    The PNC/AFC are the destroyer!!!!!!!!
    PNC Granger is the DANGER!

  10. Mr Moderator:
    We know that Georgetown is riddled with crime.
    We also know that Georgetown is MR Granger’s PNC stronghold.
    To protect Berbice people will be very easy for Mr Granger.
    He just have to make sure that criminals like the motor cycle bandits and murderers

  11. rick shut ya rass…. Because :

    1. Crime is Rampant in Berbice Area as it is right now … UNDER THE PPP…
    Nobody ain’t go there fuh do one rass than to attend a rally and talk to the Ex-PPP supporters who now on the coalition side, the more than 7000 that turn up…, (PS roughly 4000+ went PPP rally… Chronicle and Times seh suh…)

    2. Ramotaur is the biggest “liar” because Jagdeo train he suh and a waste….half of what he promise he never do, he is a waste. All he could do is blame the opposition and talk about the 1950’s up to 1992, last I checked this is 2015 and the country worse off and underdeveloped compared to other countries, than back then #FACT…. Ramoutar is by far Guyana’s weakest president

    3. You just sutbley been racist. The People went for a rally and you conjuring up boogeyman sentiments.

    4. PPP will lose because they talking personality and throwing mud at every rally and street corner.. Whlist the opposition talking plans for development.. Which one you thing in this day and age Youths want to hear about?

    In the words of the Great Ramjattan…. “Rick guh haul ya ass”

  12. Granger, you Winston Felix, MP. and shadow minister of home affairs because he promised to plant drugs one of your PNC members, making her a pawn. You Granger, You made basil Williams an MP and shadow minister of Attorney General, because he planned and organized your dirty work. What a shame!

  13. Granger, are you serious? How are you planning to protect us? Are you planning to put soldiers at every house? Who invented kick down the Indians doors, raped the women, chopped and shoot the men, and rob the family? Ilistened to the recording between Felix and Williams. Wow!

  14. Granger vows to protect Berbicians from crime: Granger should call of his dogs or war. Granger must have a sense of decency and be man enough and apologize to Guyanese for the atrocity his PNC party perpetrated on Guyanese. Granger knew the role his GDF played in destroying Guyana. The protestors in America are right to say Granger has blood on his hands. Take a look at those in Parliament who wants to be in charge of security in Guyana. I give you one and you figure out the others..I give you Winston Felix…..Ask yourself honestly if he is fit for any office on security in Guyana?

  15. “I will make you safe, because i am going to establish a Police Force that will care about you, that will answer your emergency calls.”-Granger
    Will you take back the GDF high powered weapons from the criminals? Will you wave the magic wand against criminality? Will you start supporting the security forces instead of bashing them every time a known criminal is shot in confrontation with the police? Will you apologise to the relatives of those killed on the Corentyne trying to protect ballot boxes when you were head of the GDF? Tell the Nation Mr Granger, why you lied to the people of Linden that you did not agree to the miniscule rise in electricity rates. Tell the Guyanese people that what you want, what you really, really want is your desire/crave for power and your hands in the treasury..

  16. Granger, We refused to believe your lies! You couldn’t protect anyone when you’re in the army, instead you were monitoring the soldiers that was involved in the “kick down the door” “Kick down the door robbery” was invented by Burnham, when he held his first open air meeting in Buxton, next to the Vascomcella’s grocery, you Granger, Harmon, Greenidge, Green, Corbin, etc was there. Let me remind you what was said by Burnham. “Countryman, my people! don’t you see who has all the wealth? Tell me who are the porknockers? Who’s diving for the gold? Now look around, who is wearing the gold? Who has the gold? And further I say not!” Lumumba, of the PPP who was there as a PNC then can’t tell me he doesnt know that! The very next day “Kick down the Indian doors” and robbery started by soldiers.
    How can Nagamootoo forget that? On the 21 of August 1979 at Robb Street, Nagamootoo held my hand and we were singing “No, no, no, No more exploitation, No more Poverty, No more Discrimination, Long Live the PPP” What happened now “Nimakaram” I’m still singing.

  17. This granger is a pure lier, he is talking about protecting berbiceians from crime. So, why is it he bus in so many of his people to come eye up the wealthy and progressive berbiceians. ? ? The


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