Granger touts free tertiary schooling; promises UG students a law faculty


By Jomo Paul

A section of the gathering at UG. [iNews' Photo]
A section of the gathering at UG. [iNews’ Photo]
[] –Presidential Candidate of the APNU+AFC Coalition Brigadier David Granger has hinted at the possibility of free tertiary education for students while promising students of the University of Guyana (UG) that within the first five years of an APNU+AFC government it would seek to establish a local law faculty where law undergraduates can attain their degrees and subsequently be admitted to the Bar.

Granger made the oath to the students while responding to a question posed to him at a fora organized by the University of Guyana Student Society (UGSS) at the George Walcott Lecture Theatre on Wednesday, May 6 – five days before Guyanese head to the polls.

According to Granger, free university education is something that is “desirable and we should aim at it.” While this was said he was however cautious to note that while free education is attainable he “will not pull the rug out from under your feet and say tek wuh yuh get.”

Presidential Candidate of the APNU+AFC Coalition Brigadier David Granger. [iNews' Photo]
Presidential Candidate of the APNU+AFC Coalition Brigadier David Granger. [iNews’ Photo]
He maintains that if free tertiary education is being provided, it has to be done the right way with the quality of education being provided being a pillar of the consideration.

The issue of law students completing their law degree has been a topical one in recent months with students asking what will become of them. At present, law students have to do studies locally, but thereafter are mandated to go to the Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad and Tobago to complete their degree – this takes two years.

However, the school has moved to limit the amount of Guyanese students being accepted to study to 25 given the fact that Guyana’s government do not contribute to the campus.

Since hundreds of students are eligible each year for elevation to Hugh Wooding, most of them are left behind since they cannot afford to attend classes in the twin island republic.

Many options and possible solutions have been floated and ventilated in the public domain and Granger was very pointed in stating that “within the first five years law students can look forward to completing their law degree right here.”

He however was careful in noting that such an entity would take some time and the government would have to work to attract the level educators needed to execute such a feat.

“It will take a long time to attract the expertise,” he said.




  1. James can you clarify when you say “You have “Hinted at the possibility of free Tertiary Education” for your PNC people”. and can you please answer if it is that you are referring to the students of the university as PNC People?.

  2. Oh please….Granger do you have any shame in you? You disgust me with your lies and now more lies. If you had a heart for Guyanese people, what you should have done was to swallow your pride and worked with the government in the last three years. People would have respected you for that, but you are so hungry for power that at any cost you will fight for it, even to sacrifice the beloved people of this dear land.

  3. Granger, You have “Hinted at the possibility of free Tertiary Education” for your PNC people. You don’t have to hint of it when you are giving it right now.
    A place of learning can be your bottom house, your Church, your living room, the court room, the pavilion, etc. etc. but you have chosen to used the PPP meeting as a venue.
    You PNC have been teaching with your actions and with your life living for example.
    Google: “Daughter of APNU official urinates on PPP flag then sets it on fire” Also.
    “APNU uses children to disrupt PPP/C meeting – Bottles hurled, PPP flag burnt”

  4. Another promise for votes,dont think we are that dumb Granger,the US, Canada,UK and all the developed countrie in the world are charging a fee for university education,how in the world will you pay for all these promises you are making?then you have Mr Bankrupt as your finance minister,this time it will take one year only to bankrupt us ,go relax you old self and let the country continue onwards.

  5. DANGER !!! DANGER !!! DANGER !!! WARNING !!! He is planning to bankrupt our country and send us back in the dark days of poverty. Sickening. Why don’t you go and rest in the home for the retired Devils.

  6. this guy loosing me…..sometimes I feel this coalition is making so many promises to the people that the there will be disappointments because of their inability to deliver…..coalition is clueless on the fiscal implication of these callous campaign promises

  7. This backward thinker, granger, cut the budget which allows student to access loans from the University of Guyana to complete their studies and which most of them don’t even bother to repay. This loan is possible because of the PPP government. Now , this backward , old smooth brain promised university students free tertiary schooling. The only thing granger can promise, knowing that he is hard cord, to the bone, saturated into his brain cells, he is PNC and certainly he will fulfill these promises: bankruptcy, backwardness, drepression, oppression, distructuon, tyrinery, dictatorship etc etc etc.

  8. Who does Granger really think he’s fooling? He’s saying in 5 years persons will be able to acquire a law degree if they are in government. At the same time he’s saying but it could take a long time???? Talk about an empty promise! Empty vessels really do make the most noise!!!


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