Granger spreads Easter cheer


lower E.C. kites-0395[] – Presidential Candidate of the APNU+AFC Coalition David Granger, took time off from the campaign trail this morning to distribute kites to over 200 children on the lower East Coast Demerara area.

A media release from the APNU stated that Granger distributed kites to children in Industry, Plaisance, Better Hope and Pigeon Island before departing for the APNU+AFC National Rally planned for Anna Regina this afternoon.

During the distribution exercise, Granger acknowledged that Easter is a celebration that is loved by all Guyanese as he stressed the importance of this festival on the Christian calendar.

He also underscored that as, “Guyanese, we must respect the traditions of all faiths that are practiced in our land of peoples of diverse religious beliefs.”

Brigadier Granger had also shared kites to over 100 children in Friendship Village on Thursday 2nd April.





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