Granger shuts down Presidential debate

President David Granger speaking to reporters

By Jomo Paul

APNU+AFC  Presidential Candidate, David Granger speaking to reporters
APNU+AFC Presidential Candidate, David Granger speaking to reporters

[] – APNU+AFC Presidential Candidate, David Granger has made it clear that he will not be participating in a Presidential debate in the run up to General and Regional elections on May 11.

The highly anticipated public square off between Granger and People’s Progressive Party/Civic Presidential Candidate, Donald Ramotar is effectively not going to take place given the APNU+AFC’s inert demand for a Prime Ministerial Debate.

Granger told reporters on Wednesday, April 29 that “I have consulted my colleagues…our participation in the Presidential debate is subject to a prior debate by the Prime Ministerial debate…that is what APNU and AFC have decided.”

He made it clear that unless there is a change in the stature of the PPP/C then there will be no Presidential debate.

The PPP/C had stated that it is wary of putting its Prime Ministerial Candidate Elisabeth Harper to confront APNU+AFC’s Moses Nagamootoo lest she be subject to “disrespectful and vile” attacks on the part of Nagamootoo.

Chairman of the Private Sector Commission (PSC), Ramesh Persaud had said he sees the need for a Prime Ministerial debate in the run up to the May 11 elections; however they cautioned that the Presidential Debate should not be premised on the hosting of such.

Persaud explained to iNews that anyone who is seeking a high election office should be inclined to a debate and present to the electoral reasons for that person to be elected. He said he is not cognizant of any reasons why a Prime Ministerial candidate would not be inclined to enter into a debate with his/her competitor.

Additionally, the United Kingdom envoy in Guyana expressed his hope for the Presidential debate, regardless if there is a Prime Ministerial debate.

During a meeting with members of the local media fraternity recently, British High Commissioner, James Gregory Quinn explained that the benefits are tremendous for both of the major political parties if the debate is undertaken.

He said it will help the key players in the upcoming May 11 general and regional elections share its plans if it is elected to office.




  1. Chalkeye…you are either sitting on your brain or standing on it as a daily ritual! When you want to offer facts, you must off the whole fact. Not a little bit to make it seem favourable to your judgement. The clause you refer to in the anti money laundering bill is correct in that anyone found guilty of money laundering their assets be taken away. however you forgot to also let our readers know that your CRAPNU wants that “ANYONE FOUND WITH MORE $2,000,000 GYD on their possession that the authorities confiscate it” How can any government agree to something of this nature when the Guyanese society is a cash based one??? Put that in your pipe! Regarding the debate you nincompoop, it is customary for a presidential debate to be exercised before the voting begins however at no time in the history of politics has a presidential hopeful said No to a debate unless the prime ministerial candidates do so! Your Gringer is a shallow politician who has a graveyard of skeletons from his years in the GDF, covering up the missing guns from the army and the murder of Dr. Walter Rodney. This is the main reason they do not want to engage in a debate! Further, if you carefully look at the 4 candidates, Gringer and Nadramootoo have characters and images that are extremely questionable and shady!!

  2. As expected, You cannot put a soldier to debate with an Economist.
    It would be unfair to put a smooth brain to debate with an educator.
    All Granger’s life he was just eating, sleeping and giving guns to criminals.
    All Ramotar’s life he has been thinking, working, planning, studying, managing, making representation, leading intelligent people, etc.

  3. inews what crime my blog caused….all i said was like this…nagamoottoo is a career politician where as harper is not..ramotar is a career politician were as granger is not..granger wanted nagamootto to debate harper on politic not diplomacy..then pnc would find an excuse to have no presidential debate..ramotar would not debate granger on army operations but on politics where granger would look foolish ..its a no brainer for starters…

  4. He is afraid to face the nation in a debate,when the questions about the guns he give to the PNC comes up he will want to go to the toilet,no surprise here he is just a dead meat like Nagga and Jattan.

  5. Correct thing to do Mr. Granger. We know its impossible to argue or reason with the idiots in the PPP. WHEN YOU ARGUE WITH IDIOTS THEY BRING YOU DOWN TO THEIR LEVEL AND BEAT YOU WITH EXPERIENCE.

  6. Jeez, when they loose you from the lunatic asylum? Or you get away? The nonsense some of you and your ilk writes do not dignify a response. go so. You all seeing jail time so you all na kay weh you all kaka.

  7. I think that you’re seeing the trees and not the forest. Why in heavens name the ppp is not agreeing to a prime ministerial debate? That nonsense about Nagamootoo being whatever they call it to Harper is sheer shit. The woman talking about domestic abuse is utter nonsense. Jagdeo whom is a classic example of domestic violence is sitting next to her and she’s articulating same, is it not a shame? Lets talk about the money laundering bill, you have no idea about it. What the opposition wants is a clause inserted in the bill, so that if you are found guilty, your assets will be confiscated. The ppp sees that as taking away their thieving gains so they are crying no to that. They knows that when they are brought before the courts and they can’t give satisfactory proof as to how they acquire those mansions and big bank accounts, well you know the rest. So in future, stop talking kaka.

  8. In response to this article, I am reminded of my boyhood days. A friend , brother or sister asks you for something or to do something and you would reply but you state your conditions before giving or doing something.
    A: If you full up de water, me go leh you ride me bike
    B: leh me ride fuss den me go full up de water.
    A: Nah, full up de water fuss den you go get wan riding.
    The hard bargaining goes on until someone accedes.
    That is the game Granger and his clique are playing.
    Granger, big man with puerile attitude aspiring for the highest office of the land.
    BOYHOOD days are sweet, too sweet to forget.

  9. I really thought the Mr. Granger would have accepted the debate but instead he decline. Is this what the PPPC will use to win the election??????????? I guess it will be an advantage for them.

  10. Imagine he’s trying to sell himself to the Guyanese people and here he is already showing how incompetent a leader he is. He’s effectively shot himself in the leg and wasted an opportunity that would have given him much needed exposure to the Guyanese public. His lack of political knowledge is the main reason him and the opposition cohorts don’t want to expose how weak a leader, speaker and how shallow he is as a politician. To top it off, they want to demand that before they square off for the presidential debate that the prime minister candidates have their debate. How childish and unprofessional can an opposition party become? This is the same way they will run this country should they ever be given a chance. Their refusal to engage in this debate is unacceptable and is not unusual for them to practice this! The anti money laundering bill is exactly the same scenario! Things of national importance these people have shown their unwillingness to cooperate and vote against and will always do so, so as to slow the development of this country and its economy. A wilful act and quite an unpatriotic group they are CRAPNU/AFC! It’s this kind of politics that will result in all Guyanese feeling the effects while they use us as pawns for political mileage!

  11. In this race, it is not the agony of the feet which will defeat you Mr Granger.
    It is the agony of defeat.
    You followed the loser Forbes Burnham who robbed us of Democracy.
    You now wants to follow a nagabooboo lead.
    The nagabooboo is skillful in attacking woman, our female candidate.
    I will place in high esteem a woman than a pot bellied, out of shape runner in this critical race.
    I endorse the PPP/C.

  12. Anyone surprised at his pull out? ? Typical PNC. Nuff mouth and no action. I know for sure that he don’t want a face off with anyone from the PPP because he don’t have skeletons in a closet, he got a whole graveyard. COWARD!!!


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