Granger shoots down Ramotar’s 15 point plan for Police Force


By Jomo Paul

[] – Opposition Leader, David Granger says that President Donald Ramotar’s recently proposed 15 point plan to address the security woes faced by Guyana are nothing more than “guidelines” and will not serve to turn the Guyana Police Force around.

Ramotar on Thursday March 12 unveiled a 15 point plan that is geared towards improving the overall efficiency of the Guyana Police Force by targeting several weak areas.

He made it clear that certain improvements had to be made as he laid out the foundation that would serve to increase efficiency within the police force.

Granger is convinced that the plan will not achieve much if implemented; pointing out that several reforms need to be put in place prior to the implementation of the guidelines.

“A plan is something with definitive inputs and outcomes; I would regard them as guidelines…I don’t think they are going to work without the type of reform which deal with the major problems such as emoluments paid to policemen, the quality of training and level of supervision and the assets which the police need to do their work,” Granger told a news conference on Friday.

He said that President Ramotar would need to look more profoundly into the issues affecting the police force before a plan can be arrived at.

“The police are just ill-equipped…I think the President needs to look deeply at the problems affecting the police force,” Granger contended.