Granger scolds Ramotar over ‘bring out the GDF’ comment

President David Granger and Chief of Staff, Mark Phillips

By Jomo Paul

President David Granger and Chief of Staff, Mark Phillips
President David Granger and Chief of Staff, Mark Phillips

[] – President David Granger is not taking too kindly remarks made by his predecessor Donald Ramotar that he should call out the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) to get on top of Guyana’s crime situation.

“During the PPP/C period in Office, the Army was called out to do joint patrols with the police in times of heightened criminal activities that worked well. During the holiday season, the PPP/C administration had a programme where the army and police had joint patrols between November 15 to January 15 to minimize the crimes in the country,” said Ramotar in a social media post.

The President, when questioned by media operatives, fired back at Ramotar, saying he is in no position to be offering advice to the Commander – in – Chief.

“I believe that Mr Ramotar as a former Head of State should not comment on current political activities. As Commander – in – Chief, as Minister of Defence – I have given instruction to the Army,” said President Granger adding “I think the best thing would be for Mr Ramotar not to interfere in the way the Guyana Defence Force is being administered.”

Former President, Donald Ramotar. [iNews' Photo]
Former President, Donald Ramotar. [iNews’ Photo]
When asked whether he would be willing to set up a joint service initiative, the President stated that the decisions that he has taken thus far are yielding results and is in the best interest of Guyana.

“I am fully aware of what needs to be done with the defence situation that Guyana finds itself in at present and also the crime situation and I have given instructions both to the police and the Defence Force. I am well advised and confident that my instructions are in the best interest of the nation,” said Granger.

Meanwhile, the Guyana Police Force came in for due recognition and praise from the President for their recent efforts of handling the crime situation in Guyana.

“I am seeing a lot more criminals being arrested very soon after the commission of the events, I am seeing greater response from the CID and I am very satisfied with that.”



  1. Agree that Granger could have been more ‘presidential’ in his response.This is an arrogant type of attitude which is concerning to a new democracy..He has the opportunity to take Guyana to great heights with character ,dignity and honor and the Guyanese people are hopeful.

  2. The PPP was in poWer for 23 yrs and has not done anything to tackle the crime situation and now Ramotar has the gaul and audacity to advised a well learned and ex Brigadier as to how to tackle crime?RAMOTAR IS totally out of his mind.Let them give an account for the 435 young black men lives that were lost during their Govt reign of power,are those crime being solved and did Ramotar had the intervention of the army during that time????PPP and all you who are commenting on their behalf go kick brick since your TIME IS OVER.LONG LIVE APNU/AFC DOWN WIT PPP AND THEIR RACISM.

  3. Oh shut-up MAXIPAD you sound like a completed idiot. In a democracy we all have a right to critique the Government of the day including this Defacto Administration. Our Ex-President is entitled to his opinion(s).

  4. People in opposition did block everything and now got power and look at the economy and crime. How can any responsible citizen not talk about his or her feelings?

  5. This is playing politics. If he was so concerned with the crime situation in Guyana he would have called the Commander-in-chief or send him a letter but he chose to go to the media. That is what Mr. Granger is reacting to and he have every right to response. Guyanese please do not get sucked into the PPP’s nonsense they are playing games.

  6. The former President is just expressing an opinion. But Granger is beginning to show his true colours and display attributes of being a dictator. May God help Guyana

  7. He should be a shame to even comment he was a rubber stamp president d Rat bully he for three years and still doing so. Don’t try to play man now it is the results of the big Rat and you who degraded both forces. Ask Roger Khan

  8. You are so right that man is soooooooooooo stupid , why don’t he just crawl back under the rock where he came from…Bar Rat run his ass and now he think anyone is paying him any attention.

  9. Donald DUCK was never the president so how could he be X,,,Barrat was the X ??? ,,,,,!! So Danger is in order not to have any regard or respect for any of these criminals, NO criminal deserves respect…

  10. President of Guyana is not worried about the safty of Guyanese because he is enjoying the state security for President. His remarks clearly indicates that he is not worried about the crime situation. Mr. Ramotar rightly advised Mr.Granger regarding this after analysing the increasing crime and failure of the police force to crack down the criminals and give protection to the citizens of Guyana and expartriates who live and visit Guyana.

  11. The EGO of Granger and other within his cabinet has shown nothing but Dictatorship…Guyana is back to the PNC days! Crime rate has increased and seems like the have no pro-active solution to tackle it. All the GPF is claiming is that they are making head ways to capture the criminals AFTER the crime has been completed….what happen with reducing the crime? Are these guys brainless? OR wait….PNC gets a % of the stolen goods? This is why Roger Khan had to clean up Buxton which was PNC stronghold for crime spree….

  12. The PPP could never scold the PNC that’s why Unity is a no no for now Granger is
    The Ballot box President Guyanese knows that too well.

  13. He definitely don’t have regards for a former President of this country, it shows the kind of mentality he have, he is not fit to be President if he cannot listen to a citizen of this country.

  14. Granger sounds more like a dictator. His refusal to take constructive criticms does not argue well in his favour. The ex-president has a right to critique any Government of the day however when the sitting president (Defacto or not) refuses to listen then it’s total disregard of the people’s opinion.


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