Granger says NO! NO! NO! to IMC at City Hall; Pleads Sooba’s removal

Opposition Leader David Granger (L) and Shadow Local Govt Minister Ronald Bulkan (R)


Opposition Leader David Granger (L) and Shadow Local Govt Minister Ronald Bulkan (R)
Opposition Leader David Granger (L) and Shadow Local Govt Minister Ronald Bulkan (R)

[] – Opposition Leader David Granger maintains that the removal of the current Council of the Georgetown municipality and replacing it with an Interim Management Committee (IMC), will not fix the woes that beset City Hall.

Despite earlier indications of his nonsupport for the IMC, when asked again today (Friday August 29), Granger said “No, No, No.”

“We are not going to support the call for an IMC, we are going to support local democracy… we will not support the imposition of an IMC by the PPP administration,” he added.

The Opposition Leader believes there are sufficient elected members of the Georgetown City Council, who once allowed to do their work, without interference from the administration, could effect a turnaround of the deteriorating situation at City and by extension Georgetown.

“We feel that if the Minister of Local Government was not so intrusive and if he paid attention to the demands of the elected members of the municipality, although elected 20 years ago, many of the problems in City Hall could be overcome,” Granger explained.

He is of the view that the problems at City Hall, which are well known to the populace, are caused mainly by the ruling Party and the subject Ministry along with the imposition of an “unwanted person” to act as Town Clerk.

Town Clerk [ag], Carol Sooba.
Town Clerk [ag], Carol Sooba.
“There are other problems, the strangulation of funding for the City and the difficulty in running a city which has expanded its boundaries over the last 40 years and is simply incapable of fulfilling obligations, particularly in solid waste management… but the First thing is to get rid of an unwanted Town Clerk.”

The Opposition Leader believes too that allowing Carol Sooba to act at Town Clerk has led to a major administrative blockage at City Hall and obstruction to the fulfillment of the work of Councilors.

Meanwhile, Shadow Local Government Minister, Ronald Bulkan added his comments by dismissing the claim that there is a “tit for tat” between the Council and the government. “It is not a tit for tat; it is a one way interference… so it’s really just a tit, no tat.”

He pointed out that the Minister has no right, as stipulated by law, to interfere in any local democratic organ.

Over the last two years the Local Government Ministry, upon instructions of the Minister, have dissolved several local democratic bodies across the country, in the face of resistance and installed IMCs.

Since Sooba’s installment, there seems to be the eruption of drama that will never end and subsequently calls for an IMC even from the ruling Party.















  1. I am so sick and tired of all the political parties in Guyana. My Prayer for Guyana: May God see it in His Power to remove the current Leadership, including all of the Opposition and replace them one’s who can see the needs of the people before their own. Amen.


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