Granger responds to Ramotar’s invitation; says protest will continue to be peaceful

Opposition Leader, David Granger leads the peaceful protest outside Office of the President.

By Kurt Campbell

Protest[] – Opposition Leader David Granger has finally responded in writing to President Donald Ramotar’s November 18 invitation for dialogue; maintaining that there will be no engagement with the Executive during the current period of governance with a non – functional Parliament.

Speaking to Reporters this morning (Tuesday, December 02) at another protest exercise outside the Office of the President, Granger said the Opposition coalition which he heads [A Partnership for National Unity – APNU] would be unprepared to participate in any dialogue for as long as the Parliament remains prorogued.

“He now has an answer and our answer is quite clear,” Granger said amid competing loud chanting from protestors.

The APNU Leader has also rejected the ruling People’s Progressive Party’s (PPP) reasoning that he is being unreasonable by refusing to meet and talk.

“I normally don’t respond to the General Secretary of the PPP but I’ll make an exception today,” Granger said; adding that “We were elected by 175,000 persons on November 28, 2011 representing a majority. My view is that it is unreasonable for a minority to suspend the National Assembly when it is controlled by the majority… it is turning democracy on its head.”

The Opposition Leader argued that is quite reasonable to refuse to speak to the President “who has tried to shut up the voices of 175,000 persons.”

Opposition Leader, David Granger leads the peaceful protest outside Office of the President.
Opposition Leader, David Granger leads the peaceful protest outside Office of the President.

Granger like his Opposition counterparts – the Alliance for Change (AFC) – has maintained that if and when the Parliament is reconvened he intends to debate and pass a No –Confidence Motion against the Donald Ramotar led administration.

The Head of State prorogued the Parliament on November 10, ahead of a debate on the motion. Since then, the Opposition Parties have held weekly picketing exercises and rallies in rejection of the “undemocratic” stance Mr. Ramotar has taken.

Granger reminded today that his Party was interested in dialogue with the administration prior to the prorogation; adding that “this situation that we find ourselves in is entirely an invention of President Ramotar. This is unnecessary but he decided to suspend parliament then ask us to talk.”

Meanwhile, in response to the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) call for intensification of the ongoing protest actions, Granger has assured that the exercises will continue to be lawful.

“We will continue to act in the best interest of the entire Partnership… we are conducting a series of orderly and lawful protest to bring pressure to bear on the PPP administration and we feel that is working.”

Granger said his Party has a definite game plan; a plan he refused to divulge the details of.




  1. Do you know the reasons why Guyana didn’t had all those illness? Guyana didn’t had proper mechanisms to collect data, enough health care institutions and personnel, lack of qualified doctors and nurses, no research program and little or no investment in health sector. Now we have most of that but there is room for improvement. Improvement can only occur when there is co-orperation. In guyana there is a big separation. On one hand there is a group that is pushing for better development but on the other side there is no support.

  2. That is why Guyanese are dying of hypertension, diabetes, hearth failure. HIV/Aids, The gunya, Obesity, cancer you name a sickness, Guyana got it. and all of those sickness creep into Guyana during the PPP/C rule of Guyana. The PPP/C brought a lot of sickness and drugs into the nation. PNC had strong lean and health men and women people. PNC did not have crack heads and HIV/Aids, that was all the PPP/C all PPP/C. People were not dying at the rate they are now. Now the same people who were dying for the white flour, is now being told by their doctor, that white flour is not good for them. The can stuff the PPP/C was so proud to bring into Guyana is killing the people. Half of the Guyanese population are on a diet, and eating the way the PNC had them eating portions. Now, isn’t that a laugh

  3. Mr. Walter, You have got to be a very, very intelligent man to ask such questions. The truth is, neither the AFC/PNC memory would allow them to answer those questions. Also the AFC is too busy campaigning, while the PNC is in the twenty third day of walking in circle, bumping, and reversing into each other. I think the AFC and the PNC are planning to terrorize Guyanese and to destabilize Guyana at any/all cost, like they did to us in during the 1960’s. I know for sure that you still remember how the PNC terrorist was burning down our businesses, our home, and tons of bombs was being thrown at us daily. On August 09th 1964, Immanuel Fairbane,called Batson,was arrested with a quantity of terrorist arsenals in Elizabeth Guest House at Charlotte and Wellington Streets, Georgetown. Have the oppositions changed? Can the oppositions change? Look at the attitude of the AFC/PNC towards development. Will those Terrorists ever change? Only God can/will deliver the lovers of Guyana from those terrorists. May God continue to bless/protect us, as we continue to speak good/positive words over Guyana.

  4. Jon do you think the votes will be the same at the next elections,,the world is watching ,,Guyana is in one place right now,,as long as ppl like you and others you vote race guyana cant move,,the indians are fed up,,we all are fed up with the ppp,,,but who can we vote for,,only UF,,might solve the problem,,

  5. This game Ramona playing is political suicide either trying doing it to kill himself politically because he has no way out and want to make a way out for himself or the PPP/c party got a gun over his head and threatening to use it if he dont do what they say.

  6. IGNORANCE, IGNORANCE, AND MORE IGNORANCE!!! Jon, It’s an embarrassment to say that those ignorant haters are Guyanese. Even nursery kids know/understand the meaning of the word “DUNCE”. Hemendra, seems to be way more constructive than your haters friend. We must not hate them though, for they are also human beings like us. Let’s resort to the fact that ‘WE ARE ALL BRANCHES OF THE TREE OF HUMANITY’ The PNC want’s their forty years, so let them have their forty years. They have their wilderness, so let them continue in circles. As for us we will continue to work, save, build, develop, and modernize Guyana. It is now 22 days of walking around in circle in their wilderness. The PPP Government will continue to provide them with treated water, APPLE, GRAPES, NUTS, BUNS, TENNIS ROLL, SANDWICHES, POTATO PIE, GARLIC SOUP, CHANNA (BOIL CHANNA), Guyana is not that poor now you know. God has been blessing Guyana. May God continue to bless Guyana.

  7. He is referring to the total opposition votes you dunce. 22nd day of the PPP/C dictatorship rule of Guyana.

  8. Mr Granger seems to be a very poor in maths.
    You sir in APNU (which include all your people combined) only have 139,678 votes.
    The PPP/C has 166,340 votes!
    Sir, you have less votes and that is the reason you are not President.
    Rigging of Elections was during your time when you were Forbes Burnham’s sidekick.
    You have a permanent job in Opposition.


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