Granger, Ramotar debate hangs in limbo over Prime Ministerial debate

Opposition Leader, David Granger and President Donald Ramotar.

By Jomo Paul

Opposition Leader, David Granger and President Donald Ramotar.
Opposition Leader, David Granger and President Donald Ramotar.

[] – The Presidential Candidate for A Partnership For National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Brigadier David Granger may not avail himself to a debate being organised by the Private Sector Commission (PSC) between himself and President Donald Ramotar unless the same is afforded to the Prime Ministerial candidates of the two major contesting parties for the May 11 polls.

This disclosure was made at an APNU/AFC press conference on Friday April 10, by Working Peoples Alliance (WPA) Leader Dr Rupert Roopnaraine who explained that the coalition has requested that in addition to the Presidential Candidates being engaged in debate, the coalition would also like to see the Prime Ministerial Candidates in a debate.

“What I can tell you is that if we get an answer that says there will be no Prime Ministerial debate then we will have to reconsider our participation in the Presidential debate. I don’t rule it out but it would present a new situation,’ the WPA Leader explained.

Moses Nagamootoo and Elisabeth Harper
Moses Nagamootoo and Elisabeth Harper

Roopnaraine pointed out that the coalition believes that it is important that the Prime Ministerial candidates also face off in a debate, but said that it would not overshadow the importance of the Presidential candidates facing off.

“We want to ensure that the prime Ministerial candidates get a chance to express themselves,” Roopnaraine stated.

The Prime Ministerial Candidate of the Peoples Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Elisabeth Harper has been a career diplomat and the APNU/AFC’s Moses Nagamootoo has been a politician for a vast number of years.

President Donald Ramotar has already agreed to debate his presidential challenger on issues of policy and performance prior to the upcoming May 11, regional and general elections.

The President had said earlier that he was willing to debate his challenger for the Presidential Office but only if the debate was organized by his campaign team.




  1. Let granger and Ramona have their debate and the next day nagamotoo and harper. I’m thinking granger nor nagamotoo can’t debate by themselves. Roopnarine has no idea what’s going on they are all loosers

  2. After carefully listening to the recording ” Exposing AFC’s Deception and Corruptions” by former Executive members, I strongly suggest to the PNC that they replace Moses Nagamootoo with Vanessa Kissoon or Flighted Kissoon. Nagamootoo is definitely dead weight. Nagamootoo is is indeed a liability to the PNC. I suggest they make him the PRESIDENT of Georgetown Chamber Of Commerce. Nagamootoo in the camp , is like having two vampires in the house. The saying is “two vampires cannot live in one house, one will have to kill the other”
    Now PNC is in bad shape!!!!

  3. Roopnarine and nagamottoo should just retired and enjoy they lives and leave politics to the professional people no body want they pensioners to take power these are just two bitter person who have nothing to offer Guyanese apart from corruption and deception

  4. PNC wants to see Beauty and a Beast! These PNC/AFC really want blood from us. Look at these old crocodiles! These old timers men should go and check themselves in some institutions for a change. Granger starts to piss he pants already. Everybody right to say put Barrat to debate all you PNC- AFC together.

  5. debate what? the only thing to debate is if danger granger will come to the national television and address the guyanese nation on what part he played in pnc atrocities on guyanese and what was his other debating on anything way or another pnc no matter who is at the head must come clean with the guyanese people and apologized for their past..


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