Granger promises to fix “broken education system”

President David Granger

By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Presidential Candidate of the APNU+AFC, David Granger
Presidential Candidate of the APNU+AFC, David Granger

[] – Presidential Candidate for a Partnership for National Unity (APNU) + Alliance for Change (AFC) spoke of the coalition’s elaborate plans for the youths of Guyana.

During a special edition on the radio show ‘Hard Talk’ aired on 90.1 Love FM with Chris Chapwanya, Mr. Granger spoke extensively of plans that will be implemented to the benefit of the youths if the coalition is elected to government.

Granger noted that the current government has not done enough for youths at any of the educational levels, citing the high dropout numbers that currently exist.

“We feel that there is a problem in terms of the government’s attitude to young people, after 23 years we don’t have a credible national youth strategy, we feel that young people should be the beneficiaries of a high grade of education and the education system has failed young people terribly, there is a very large number of drop outs as you know, the last education digest I read indicated there were 6,000 drop outs every year from the primary and secondary school system. I am aware that in the national grade six examinations at the primary level maybe about 50% or more of the young people writing that exam fail all four subjects,” the Presidential Candidate noted.

He is of the strong view that for the youths to have a better quality of life, they need to be properly educated.

Mr. Granger also spoke of the numerous problems that the country’s highest tertiary educational institute is faced with, nothing that, “these problems are of a chronic nature, we’re aware that there are problems at the Cyril Potter College of Education and unless we fix the education system we will not provide the young people with the prospect of having a good life.”

He is also promising to establish Technical and Agricultural institutes in every region, “so that young people could be fitted for proper careers, so the first problem we are looking at is fixing the education system. The second problem we are looking at is providing employment for young people, so this is not an empty promise; the education system is broken.”

He was then confronted with information from the host, Chapwanya, who said the Education Minister, Priya Manickchand has stated that Guyana has made significant strides in the last 20 years more than any other time in the sector by achieving access to universal primary education and is now moving to achieve universal secondary education and continues to build schools countrywide.

In response, Granger said: “You ever went to University of Guyana campus? To which Chapwayna responded, “Oh I have been to the University of Guyana campus.”

Granger then continued, “And you feel the remarks made by the Minister of Education are correct? You’ve been in the library? You’ve been in the lavatories?…I went to the University of Guyana before that, I feel that the education system is a mess, I feel that the Minister of Education needs to go around the country and visit schools and see the conditions under which the children and see the classrooms.

“I have been to places where the classrooms are without any sort of flooring, I have been to schools without proper furniture without enough teachers, where one teacher has to teach 5-6 different classes, so I go around all the schools.”

Granger says he intends to de-politicize the University of Guyana and plans to start with the members of the council.

“It is not only a problem of the composition of the council but it is also a problem of the government’s attitude to funding the university….the important thing about the University of Guyana is funding and once we get the former ministers off the Board and put people who are interested in tertiary education…an APNU+AFC government is going to provide the university with funding to move it up to the standard of the other campuses in the Caribbean.”

There will be moves to increase the subvention that is being allocated to the University. He also stressed that the Information Communications sector (ICT) is another area that greater attention will be given to under his administration.



  1. pnc is bold now…watch the nagamoottoos the ramjattans the ramkarrans the fred kissoons the tarron kemrajs…pnc lose they all out the country..they families left already ..these are the men that stoking pnc fire

  2. The PNC will never do any wrong in Guyana,Their bullying of PPP supporters today and thru out the years is proof of what to come should they win this election,I hope our people open their eyes and take note,there will be no one to complain to when all these military men take office.

  3. U couldn’t have said it better my dear. They always preaching to the public about respect, morals and always promising a better something. Y don’t u Danger teach your supporters some manners before u let them out of their cages? Have u ever seen any of the PPP supporters beat any Pnc supporters? Have you ever seen them throw stones, bottles or even acid on the Pnc supporters? How about the latest one, piss on your flag and burn it?

  4. Granger promised to fix the problems that is affecting his PNC youths, but he still allow his PNC children to watch and observed how his PNC/AFC women urinate (PISS) on the Government flags in the public then set the said flag on fire.
    I didn’t see any kind of those so called groups condemn the PNC/AFC actions.
    The PNC allowed their little PNC children to take up bricks and pelted Dr. Roger Luncheon.
    When those very children get shot by police for being young criminals, PNC/AFC will drape their coffins with our flag and cried out “he never trouble nobody”
    Shame on you PNC for destroying our children from a very tender age! SHAME!!!


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