Granger promises 2017 will be ‘a new year with hope’

President David Granger

In the wake of a nation bracing for the expected adverse effects from a brutal tax-filled budget,  President David Granger told Guyanese they can look forward to the New Year with hope. The President made that promised in his message to the nation when the clock struck midnight – signalling the end of 2016.

“We welcome the New Year 2017 with supreme confidence and with a strong conviction that we’ve chosen the correct course to advance our country,” the Guyanese Head of State expressed.
The President reflected on the past year and made promises to improve on the efforts employed to make Guyana a better place for all.

President David Granger

“National pride was evident at home and in the Diaspora as we celebrated our jubilee year 2016. We shall be even prouder as we apply our assets and abilities in this New Year to move faster and further along the path of economic growth.”
Granger focused most of his speech on plans for the development of a green economy, reiterating most of what he propagated throughout his presidency.

He said the population can begin to see concrete measures in place towards the realisation of a green economy, with more solar panels being installed in Government buildings and the shift to cleaner energy.

The President also spoke of the need for a better information communication technology (ICT) sector: “ICT will facilitate greater connectivity between the coastland and hinterland, it will stimulate the services sector and improve the delivery of public services and enhance competitiveness of our economy.”

Granger also said that in 2017, much focus will be placed on protecting Guyana’s sovereignty, especially with the Venezuela/Guyana border controversy being at such a delicate stage.

“Our vigilance to protect our people and our patrimony against all threats to our territory will not be diminished,” he stated.
President Granger promised that with the new year, Guyanese will witness the acceleration of the transition towards improvement in our citizens’ quality of life.


  1. Now the scums want travellers to pay another tax ” security tax” to get rob as soon as you get out the airport –next week he will institute the ” shit tax” a tax to take a crap at the airport.This is a sick person .


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