Granger, Jagdeo exchange views on early elections

PPP General Secretary Bharrat Jagdeo

President David Granger and Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo met today where they shared their respective views on the way forward as it relates to the hosting of early elections – as ruled by the Caribbean Court of Justice and mandated by the Constitution of Guyana.

In an interview with media operatives after the meeting which was held at State House, Jagdeo declined to divulge what agreements – if any – the two sides reached.

He explained that the forum was more of an information sharing one, where each party had a chance to express their views on critical matters such as elections, house-to-house registration, and the resignation of the Cabinet.

“[The meeting] was about sharing views. My views were shared there and I don’t think it is a secret what my views are on these matters,” the Opposition Leader posited, telling the media to seek the Head-of-State’s position.

In accordance with the recent ruling of the CCJ and constitutional provisions, elections are to be held by September 18. In fact, elections ought to have already been held since March 21, 2019 – but due to the court proceedings, this deadline was delayed.


However, GECOM, which is also bound by the CCJ ruling, went ahead and commenced house-to-house registration which could delay early elections until February next year.

Asked whether the Parliamentary Opposition would consider extending the timeline for the hosting of elections, Jagdeo lamented the lack of reasonableness from the government.

“Right now, we have not made a decision on that before there is no date and there is no reasonableness on the part of the government,” Jagdeo explained.

The meeting between the President and Opposition Leader comes after the Head-of-State held a meeting with the newly appointed GECOM Chairperson and the six commissioners.