Granger is unpatriotic for supporting EU’s decision to withhold funds from Guyana – Finance Minister

President David Granger. [iNews' Photo]
Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh.
Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh.

[] – Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh said he finds it disturbing that the main opposition Party would laud the European Union (EU) for withholding critical funding to Guyana.

While addressing a gathering at the commissioning ceremony for the GuyOil Regent Street facility on Sunday, January 25, Dr. Singh noted that the sentiments of the Opposition which were carried in the Kaieteur News can be seen an unpatriotic.

“How can one be described as a patriotic leader and yet commend an international agency for denying financial inflow that will redound to the benefit to the people of the country?”

According to Minister Singh, comments like these worry him since it does not matter which side of the National Assembly politicians sit as they have an obligation constantly to ensure jobs are created for the people they represent.

Noting how disturbed he was by the article, the Minister apologised to the gathering for using such a platform to address the issue.

“We have an obligation as leaders to act in the national interest and scaring away investors or creating an environment that is not conducive to investment or commending investors for withholding funds that our country has earned, those are not patriotic acts and do not serve the interest of any Guyanese person.”

Opposition Leader, David Granger. [iNews' Photo]
Opposition Leader, David Granger. [iNews’ Photo]
In the January 24 edition of the Kaieteur News, Opposition Leader David Granger and Party member Carl Greenidge are quoted as lauding the EU for withholding financial aid to Guyana.

In the article, the two also called on embassies to follow suit with other sanctions. The EU recently announced that it has temporarily put on hold its two latest partial payments, Euro$28.9 M for the local sugar sector and Euro $14.8 M for sea defence works.

Meanwhile the Government in a statement made public an attached communication from the EU Delegation, dated September 8, 2014, indicating clearly that Guyana had met the eligibility criteria required to qualify for disbursements totalling €25,858,025.

The statement also stated that the EU Delegation had recommended disbursement of this sum to the EU Budget Support Steering Committee in Brussels which was due to meet on September 17, 2014. [Extracted and modified from GINA]




  1. Guyana is an Independent country according to the Ministers, and why they cant act as an independent people, they only depending on EU funds.
    They can do better than that

  2. Hi you hit these fools hard,,they think god sleeping,jimmy carter not in guyana so watch it ,,coliee fed up,,well said smart brother

  3. Burnham do what he had to do and now he is dead, the PPP/C doing what they got to do, by thieving the guyanese people money until some one put them out of business. So what else is new. and who cares if Burnham rigged the elections who really cares. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  4. You are wrong.
    The PNC brought the Sugar Industry to its knees.
    Did you not remember that Desmond Hoyte want to close it down because it is not making money.
    It was ok when the British had it, but the PNC brought in their supporters and it went down hill.
    In anycase, sugar is bringing in much needed foreign exchange, it sells miolasses to produce our rum, and is employing thousands of our Guyanese brothers and sisters.
    Be happy because your children may be reaping benefits unknown to you.

  5. Why are you waisting your time with that fool, the only blogs you see his name ,the one Jai, and gray is things that granger say or do,,all the killings crime ,drugs,or the truth the free laptop need charging,,,come elections the will hide ,,

  6. What are you crying about, india is going to give you the money for the failing sugar industry, sugar is your baby only because your votes come from the cane cutters, jobs who are you ppl employing ,,tell you sad story to the blacks that served GT&T for 25 plus years and are asked to leave to make way for nitwits like you, its time granger and the PNC come to grips with reality ,,Guyana is for 1 and only 1 set of ppl,,

  7. The actions of the PPP/C government killed the sugar industry. We all know the PPP/C government thieving the money the EU send, if they were not, why is the sugar industry in such a bad state and it receiving all that money every year. No 2 the EU people already said that the money they giving Guyana from their tax payers must have budgetary and parliamentary over sight. The Guyana government said no to parliamentary oversight of the EU monies by proroguing parliament. So the EU people say I am not giving you one blasted red cent unless you have a parliament. and they did just that.

  8. There is not a patriotic bone in Mr Granger’s body. If he had one he would not have stood by and let Forbes Burnham and Desmond Hoyte rig every general election since 1964.

  9. This is another attempt by the combine opposition to kill the sugar industry. This is hard earned money that would benefit every guyanese. Had the opposition been fair to the guyanese people they would have pressure the EU to pay their dues to Guyana so that the country can utilize that money and create investment opportunities. Investment opportunity would attract investors and jobs would be created with these investment. More guyanese would be able to attain employment and that could grow the country’s economy. However the opposition wants the total opposite.


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