Granger gives assurances that protests will be non – violent, lawful

Granger and some of the protesters.


By Kurt Campbell

Opposition Leader, David Granger. [iNews' Photo]
Opposition Leader, David Granger. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Opposition Leader David Granger says the country, particularly businesses, have nothing to fear with the mass demonstrations that are expected in coming weeks; signaling a rejection of the decision by President Donald Ramotar to prorogue Parliament.

The Opposition Leader gave assurances this morning at his weekly press conference that the street protest, led by the political opposition, will be non – violent.

“Let it be clear that protesting is a guaranteed constitutional right. People are entitled to protest against what they see as wrong and what we have done over the years is to ensure that protest are conducted in and orderly and peaceful manner,” Granger said ahead of a planned rally at the Square of the Revolution, Georgetown this afternoon.

He reminded that even on Monday last, “in the face of provocation,” when hundreds of angry people came out on the streets following the prorogation, demonstrations were peaceful and participants remained calm.

He said what is possible is that provocateurs could infiltrate the ranks of the protesters to cause trouble and disrupt order.

“That is an occupational hazard but we have asked our supporters to ensure that any known agents are not allowed to misbehave.”

“Not a single business has anything to fear,” the Opposition Leader said; reminding too that the main opposition – A Partnership for National Unity has been picketing the Office of the President since September with no disturbance of the peace.

The Opposition Leader, earlier this week, had written the Army Chief, Brigadier Mark Phillips and Commissioner of Police (ag) SeelallPersaud; asking them not to take any provocative and unlawful action against legitimate protestors who did not break the law.

“If people break the law then they will have to face the full force of the sanctions but our supporters in APNU are quite aware of what is at stake with the successful protest against the government and that cannot be achieved by disorder,” he added.

Granger called on the entire nation – civil society, non-governmental organisations, professional organisations, political parties, religious organisations, social groups and trade unions – to resist the President’s “objectionable and obnoxious” proclamation to prorogue parliament.

He said the President’s decision is a denial of democracy and not to allow the administration to implant a ‘one-party’ dictatorship in Guyana.



  1. Ramjattan said he knows PPP does send in PPP criminal element to infiltrate PNC protest.. Just like he said he know 3 opposition supporters took 30M to vote yes confidence in favor of PPP.. The man losing his marbles…This is his fial lap along with Nagamoottoo.. They set up PNC and Grainger went for it a second time..

  2. Grainger say “Let it be clear that protesting is a guaranteed constitutional right”
    Grainger must also understand and tell those that are protesting the President is within his constitutional rigts to do what he did. U bet Grainger cant tell them dat..Bet your life on it he cant if not he and the others on the big tent will have to run for their lives..
    Granger should tell the crowd that this is Nagamoottoo fight he picking up..
    Nagamoottoo should be on that PNC big tent addressing the PNC crowd..
    But hey Grainger cant tell them that..Better yet he cant tell them why Nagamoottoo cant be there addressing them..
    Nagamoottoo and Ramjattan cant be see no where near there for those that vote for them will not tolerate that.
    Can anyone Imagine what the picture would look like when Ramjaat and Nagamoottoo go up to Whim to address them there?
    Picture Nagamoottoo and Ramjaat peting up the road running faster than Bolt running for their lives LOL.

  3. Granger, I told you already as long as you go to the square of the revolution the result will be evil and bad by the PNC. You said you asked your supporters to ensure that known agents are not allowed to misbehave. Granger, who are you fooling? Is the AFC still leading you? I think you better hand over the party to Vincent or Rupert quick. Are the lindeners coming to your protest too? Again I’m reminding you, the world is watching!!

  4. We have had these “assurances” before. But Granger and company know nothing but violence and mayhem, so Guyanese beware.


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