Granger discusses No Confidence motion with American, Chinese Diplomats



APNU meeting 2[] – Leader of the Opposition, David Granger yesterday met with United States Deputy Chief of Mission, Bryan Hunt and Political Affairs Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Guyana, Liu Yuyin where the No Confidence motion and other issues were discussed.

A press statement from the Office of the Opposition Leader stated that the two diplomats paid a courtesy call and that Granger was accompanied by Mr. Joseph Harmon, Shadow Minister of Public Infrastructure and Mr. Ronald Bulkan, Shadow Minister of Local Government.

The discussion centered around:

  • APNU’s Support for a No-Confidence Motion against the Government;
  • The Possibilities of General Elections instead of Local Government Elections;
  • APNU’s priorities in Government.
  • Foreign Direct investment under an APNU administration.
  • APNU’s Relationship with the AFC and the government of President Ramotar.

“Mr Granger took the opportunity to further elaborate on his ONE NATION concept explaining that he would lead an all-inclusive government of National Unity once elected to office,” the statement noted.APNU Meeting 1

Granger had revealed that the combined political opposition will table the no confidence motion against the government in the National Assembly in October.

Granger, who is also the Leader of A Partnership for National Unity [APNU], said that Parliament goes into recess on Friday, August 08 and will not reconvene until October 10.

He clarified that there is no sitting before August 08. At its shadow cabinet meeting on Tuesday, the APNU decided to support the motion, spearheaded by the minority political party – the Alliance for Change [AFC] – which used the alleged illegal spending of Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh as one of its grounds to table the motion.

For weeks, the APNU had been iffy about its support of the motion. If tabled and passed in the National Assembly, the Donald Ramotar led administration will have to resign and prepare for general elections in three months.



  1. well well well granger tell them he is ready to be president:: i dont bet but I will bet that granger will never be president of guyana..i hope he didnt let the cat out the bag about his concerns about the ballot box killings and the Wismar atrocity.
    the only way for granger to be president of Guyana is if America install him as President…Granger can not win an election under any would be 30% ruling all others..most Guyanese think that US is ready to install another one of their favorite puppet like they did with Burnham..May God help Guyana and Guyanesev people if US install their Puppet Granger to rule Guyana..


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