Granger creates more Ministries; Ramjattan named 2nd Vice President


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Khemraj Ramjattan being sworn in. [iNews' Photo]
Khemraj Ramjattan being sworn in. [iNews’ Photo]
[] –The last set of Ministers for the David Granger led APNU+AFC administration were sworn in on Friday, May 22 at the Ministry of Presidency.

Surprisingly, President Granger has created three new Ministries which include the Ministries of Governance, Citizenship and Business.

Former Speaker of the House, Raphael Trotman will head the Ministry of Governance, while Winston Felix will run the new Ministry of Citizenship and Dominic Gaskin will function as the Minister of Business. It was noted that the Ministries of Governance and Citizenship will operate out of the Ministry of Presidency.

The Ministry of Governance will serve to improve the quality of governance in the country, in particular the observance of constitutional provisions.

Dominic Gaskin. [iNews' Photo]
Dominic Gaskin. [iNews’ Photo]
Trotman will also be responsible for the establishment of a Commission to look at constitutional reform and to ensure that there is stricter application of Article 13 of the constitution which calls for inclusionary governance.

Additionally, the Ministry of Citizenship will place key emphasis on immigration, naturalization and registration. The President explained that this Ministry was created to ensure that Guyanese citizenship is protected and for better recording of Guyanese citizens from birth to death.

Noel Holder. [iNews' Photo]
Noel Holder. [iNews’ Photo]
“In addition to that we are aware of persons coming into Guyana and have been getting access to Guyanese citizenship very easily and we want to ensure that citizenship remains praised that is protected by the State and we are going to be more efficient and that is why a special minister had to be appointed,” the President said.

Dawn Hastings is left to be sworn in as Minister within the Ministry of Communities and the speaker of the National Assembly has not been chosen as yet, but will be done before the 11th parliament reconvenes soon.

Meanwhile, Khemraj Ramjattan has been named the Second Vice- President and Minister of Public Security, formerly known as the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Noel Holder is now the new Minister of Agriculture, while Sydney Allicock will now run the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples Affairs, formerly known as the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs and Valarie Garrido-Lowe will serve as Minister within that Ministry.Cabinet 1

Jaipaul Sharma will serve as Minister within the Ministry of Finance, while Keith Scott has been added to the Ministry of Communities.

The President has challenged the new Ministers to help the government to effectively execute its mandate to improve the lives of Guyanese. He told them that much work lies ahead.

“We are committed to have a cabinet which is committed to national unity, were committed to have a cabinet which is committed to have efficiency and transparency, I feel proud to have behind me a group of men and women who are going to transform Guyana and see that we have a good life for all Guyanese.”

He believes that the youth population is being adequately represented since, “we have a balance of experience…there are only two persons in the entire cabinet who have had cabinet experience and we need to ensure that persons who have had experience in other fields are in positions to lead those ministries.”

Even though a number of Ministries have been absorbed including Culture Youth & Sport which now comes under the Ministry of Education, the staff for that ministry along with the Ministry of Natural Resources will be retained to perform their functions, the President explained.

“We are rationalizing the use of buildings to make sure that they are effectively used, yesterday I was at the public service training division and that is the site of what I would like to feel would be the next public service staff college and we need space to do.”



  1. Let the alleged rigging be settled in court soonest. This madness is too painful to watch. The Minister of Agriculture only knew about his appointment the day prior to him being sworn in, come on now.

  2. Max, wha wrang wid yuh, you mean yuh suh bline dat yuh na see dat a rape dem ah rape di country already? Ah waan bet yuh dat dis country get mo ministers than any country in de world.

  3. The President does have certain unilateral power but to recklessly infuse that authority entrusted to him by releasing a child killer after only a few years of jail time is an incredible abuse of power. Unless there are some good but unknown reasons for such a cowardly act, I sincerely hope that the new administration will review this perceived of power-corruption act by Ramoutar… let there be a public enquiry now.

  4. Take charge Mr president , make all the necessary changes you deem necessary for a democratic functioning government , let these looser keep ranting and marching up and down the place, wish Kwame Crum Ewing was alive to see these idiots , and their followers , they all crying foul, no more Gocall Bad-hoe to cheat this election, keep trampling crass until jattan ready to pen y’all up for corruption, Rhoee don’t worry Jattan and Felix coming for all those citizenship you sold to foreign nationals, that don’t speak English.

  5. Arya Targaryen: If they don’t know the names of the original nineteen ministries, how would you expect them to know the twenty six and growing? Tell me nuh!

  6. The real challenge will not be about possible public confusion, but about how these ministries coordinate themselves to effectively deliver services to the people. Ctizienship and governance are two sides of the same coin and cannot be dealt with by separate entities. But what we see is a vision of an administration that wants to address real the issues of development – sorely needed in the Guyana context!

  7. Winston Felix will definitely put Granger in danger. This undemocratic government has put Felix as minister just as I predicted.
    over and over I have been pointed out the corruptions of Felix. Please Google:
    “The Winston Felix and Basil Williams tape” ALSO!
    “Then top cop Winston Felix and PNC official discuss planting drugs on PNC female”
    And “Felix captured on tape making firearm deal” with Basil Williams on phone.
    Surujbally has install an undemocratic government illegally with questionable crooks!

  8. Now, now! Where are we going? Creating so much confusion with so many unheard of Ministries. Hope the Coalition Government is not creating confusion among themselves and the people of Guyana. Will need to outline the functions of each Ministry. The Administration may have to spend valuable time in educate the people and waste moneys in new stationery, rubber stamps, refurbishings of buildings, find new buildings, have training programs and do a host of other things. Waste not want not.
    Within recent times there are individuals caught with illegal drugs; has any effort been made to get to the source/s of supply/supplies? Surely those caught, convicted and or remanded for trial, should be made to identify their source/s. It is good that the city is getting the attention and there are favourable responses in its clean-up campaign.
    Kindly inform the Nation the functions and purposes of these new entities (Ministries) and who are really responsible/accountable for what.
    Do not confuse the Nation and the World with so many new names/titles. Be practical gentlemen/ladies.

  9. WTF, this has gotta be the most ridiculous cabinet I have EVER seen. Talk about power drunk, this is the highest form! Who ever heard of a Ministry of citizenship???Ministry of Governance??? And of course it’s like Burnham, son-in-law has to get a ministerial post. My God, where are we heading? This is supposed to be change??? So far the only change I have see is change of name and creating posts that are irrelevant. I can just imagine the state we would be in at the end of 5 years.

  10. we need a few more ministries, mr granger—-ministry to forsee the future, ministry to forget the past, ministry to ensure electoral victory for pnc without the afc, ministry to determine how many ministries to have and ministry to calculate minister’s salaries.

  11. Article 13 of the constitution which calls for inclusionary governance.
    inclusionary ???
    U have to wonder if the new sheriff in town and his lieutenants knows what they are all about the rate they are going including this that the other renaming this that the other creating this that the other they migh end up changing the name guyana..sounds like a big section of the population might be squeezed out big time..

  12. Well sir…….at least if they arelike the army….we will have some order restored. Furthermore, how many children, how many University students, or may I even ask how many adults even know the names of the original ministries? Just wait and see what the ministries will do before you speak negatively.

  13. At the end of the day they will not be able to rape Guyana like the last Crime Family, Unite Guyana.

  14. Holy Crap! I am so confused! You mean to tell me the school children got to know all these Prunes. God help them. This like the army..there’s somebody to to help somebody all through the ranks right to the top. I wonder if everyone had the experience to see when you put all the dominoes from a box to stand by each other sides an you tip one end what happens. Time will tell.


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