Grandmother seeks help to provide for twins after mother dies

The two-year-old twins
The two-year-old twins

Following the death of their mother in 2019, the grandmother of two girls (twins) who were left in her care, is now seeking assistance to raise them as she faces financial constraints.

Elaine Smith, 52, of Bar Street Kitty, Georgetown, took to social media on Friday to vent her frustration of the struggle she has been facing taking care of the two girls. As such, she is seeking Government’s assistance to give her granddaughters a better life.

“I watched my daughter suffer and died in front of my eyes; I won’t let the same thing happen to the twins…. Yesterday (Friday) I got so hysterical I went straight to Facebook and I put up my story. I never ever say anything but after watching my grandchildren, I swallowed my pride and I put my story out there,” she said.

Smith explained that she has been the sole provider of the twins since their mother passed in July 2019.

She told this publication during a telephone interview that her daughter, Alicene Adams, 34, had been hospitalised during her seven-month pregnancy after she began experiencing complications.

She explained that during the time, Adams was solely dependent on the oxygen machine for survival. However, on January 4, 2019, while in hospital, Adams was disconnected from the machine and went to the washroom, where she collapsed.

Smith recounted that the twins were immediately birthed via C-section. However, after the birth of the twins, Adams’ health deteriorated.

The grandmother stated that her daughter became crippled, fully blind and spent the next three months in the hospital.

She was, however, discharged in March 2019 in a vegetative state and was unable to care for her five children including her twins.

“She got brain dead, she got blind, couldn’t speak anymore, couldn’t move anymore and I watched my daughter suffer for six months…. My daughter turned a vegetable,” Smith recounted.

Smith further stated that from the beginning of her daughter’s illness, she had placed her life on hold to care for her.

She also noted that during this time, she had reached out to the former Government for assistance but never got a response.

Despite having no support, Smith remained committed to caring for her daughter until she took her last breath at home in July 2019.

“I watched my daughter die home… I called for help and by the time the medical people arrived, they told me that my daughter was [no] more,” she explained.

Since then, the twins, who are now two years old, have been under Smith’s care while their other 3 siblings – who are 16, 15 and 10 – currently reside with their father.

Meanwhile, she told this publication that she is unable to work and practically takes care of the two children permanently.

Smith added that necessities such as milk and diapers have been hard to come by.

“Sometimes I watch them for hours with their pampers bulky, but you can’t change it often because you don’t have a lot. Right now, I’m trying to potty train them to save on the pampers.”

In addition, she noted that with limited funds at her disposal, she is unable to pay her bills on time.

“Even my phone cut off. I can’t even pay the $8000 and I call them and explained and they still can’t put it on,” she said.

“Right now, financial assistance, foodstuff, pampers anything would help us. Whatever I get, I will take. I just want to help my grandchildren to live a better life. Whatever it is I will accept.”

Persons who are desirous of assisting the twins can contact their grandmother Elaine Smith on 645-2269 or 611-9688.