Grade 6 students of CI Primary launch anti-litter campaign


As schools throughout Guyana step up their campaigns to have a clean and healthy environment, the Grade Six students of the Cornelia Ida (CI) Primary School are sending a strong message to their community in the form of an anti-littering poster.

P1050220With the help of the United States (US) Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV), Michelle Weekly, the children were able to design beautifully illustrated posters featuring a coconut tree named “Coco Man” and the message which reads “Don’t Pollute His Home.”

INews understands that the Grade Six students worked tirelessly in brainstorming various ideas in order to execute the project to the best of their abilities and managed to come up with the design and illustrations for the posters.

On Friday, last, with posters in hand, a small group of students visited businesses along the West Coast Demerara (WCD) Public Road to ask that they display the posters where they could be easily viewed by the general public.

P1050218“Every business, that we approached, was very supportive and welcoming of the idea. They immediately looked for a place where they could display the poster,” related PCV Michelle Weekly.

P1050227It must be noted that these posters are laminated so they can brave the elements.

The students would like to thank the following businesses for graciously embracing the idea: Good Life Supermarket, Karen’s Bargain Sales, Computer Resources, F. Hussain and Son’s, Beavon Johnson, Temptations, and Michelle’s Supermarket.

These young minds are of the hope that the posters will remind people that a “trash-free Guyana” is both healthy and attractive. (In photo students could be seen displaying their posters)





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