GRA concerned after motor vessels are being imported, operated without payment of taxes

Aerial view of the Demerara river in Georgetown, Guyana, on March 1, 2020. (Photo by Luis ACOSTA / AFP) (Photo by LUIS ACOSTA/AFP via Getty Images)

See full statement from the Guyana Revenue Authority: 

The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has noted several instances whereby motor vessels are being imported, registered and operating in Guyana without the payment of the applicable taxes.

The GRA hereby advises all such importers to have themselves fully regularized, by submitting the relevant documents pertaining to the importation and registration of these vessels to the Revenue Authority’s, Law Enforcement and Investigations Division on or before January 31, 2023 to have the said motor vessels deemed entered in accordance with the provisions of Section 2 of the Customs Act, Chapter 82:01.

Failure to do so will allow the GRA to take the necessary actions to enforce compliance.

Be reminded that the Authority faithfully remains your partner in development of Guyana and is committed to working with all such persons to ensure compliance with the Nation’s Tax, Trade and Border laws administered.