GRA begins vehicle registration in “YY” series


In just over one year, the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has managed to register 9999 vehicles in the “XX” series and has moved to the next alphabetically due letter, “Y”.

In a notice published in the newspapers, the tax agency explained that registration of vehicles in the “YY” series commenced on August 8, 2019, following the end of the “XX” series.

The issuance of this new series means the revenue authority is now one step closer towards moving to its “customisable plates”.
Back in March, a reliable source at GRA told this publication that at the conclusion of the “ZZ” series, vehicle owners will be given the opportunity to design their own registration plates.

It was explained that persons will be given letters to choose from, while the option of having a name, accompanied by a number, on the registration plates will be accessible “at a small cost”.