GRA announces series of measures to reduce impact of COVID-19


The Guyana Revenue Authority on Wednesday announced a series a measures aimed at reducing the impact of the COVID-19 on citizens. Among the measures include; the waiver of VAT and duties on medical supplies associated with the testing and prevention of the coronavirus.

Proposals to reduce impact of COVID-19

  1. Waiver of VAT and duties on all medical supplies associated with the testing, prevention and treatment of the disease including but not limited to Soaps; Disinfectant Sprays; Hand Sanitizers; Sanitizing Wipes; Face Masks; Rubbing Alcohol and Multivitamins and Vitamin C tablets until June 30, 2020. (Waiver on 15,000 litres of rubbing alcohol have already been provided to DDL since they are providing it through the MOH).
  2. Tax deductions for all donations made by local businesses to staff and health institutions for the treatment of the virus.
  3. Defer the payment of corporate and individual advance taxes and PAYE for businesses affected until June 30, 2020, for example, in the airline and tourism and associated industries, like hotels and transportation, who continues to employ their employees, or send their employees on extended vacation leave, without penalty and interest. Thereafter, allow businesses to pay advance taxes on the current year basis.


Licence Revenue Operations – Measures to reduce influx of Taxpayers

The following measures are recommended to reduce the influx or large gathering of taxpayers and to maintain Key Functions within Licence Revenue Operations:

Drivers’ Licence Unit

  1. Temporarily suspend the processing of the following transactions until April 30th 2020: –

Renewal of Un- Expired Drivers Licences

  • New Drivers Licences
  • Provisional Drivers Licences
  • Conductor Licences
  1. Priority will be given to the processing of transactions for the Renewal of expired Drivers Licences and Duplicates for lost/ damage Drivers Licences.

Motor Vehicle Transfers Unit

  1. Temporarily suspend the processing of Updates on Motor Vehicles Registrations until April 30th 2020. These transactions include: –
  • Duplicate Registration
  • Change of Colour
  • Change of Intended Use
  • Change of Engine
  • Change of seating Capacity
  • 2. Priority will be given to the processing of Transfer of Motor Vehicle Registrations.

New Motor Vehicle Registration Unit

1 . For the processing of New Motor Vehicle Registrations, the Auto Dealers will be advised to lodge applications in bulk rather that individually.

Motor Vehicle Examination Unit

1        Off- Premises examination of motor vehicles will be temporarily suspended until April 14th. Examination of motor vehicles will be conducted only at Smyth Street.

Liquor Trade and Miscellaneous Licencing Unit

  1. No visits of Business premises will be conducted until April 30th 2020.