GR taxi driver robbed by armed bandits posing as passengers


A 31-year-old taxi driver attached to the GR Taxi Service was last evening robbed by three armed bandits who posed as passengers.

The incident occurred at around 19:45hrs at First Street, Agricola, East Bank Demerara (EBD).

Reports are that the taxi driver was transporting two men and a woman to a requested location in Agricola.

Upon arrival at the location, one of the suspects who was seated in the front passenger seat placed the gearstick into park.

The other suspects then held the taxi driver at gunpoint and searched the vehicle.

The trio then relieved the man of a Samsung J7 Smartphone valued at $47,000, and black wallet valued at $5000, which contained $10,000 in cash and other documents.

One of the perpetrators then lashed the taxi driver to his head. After, the bandits made their good escape on foot.

The victim then made a report at the Agricola Police Outpost and subsequently joined a police patrol.

During a search of the area, the victim pointed out one of the suspects, a 19-year-old, who was arrested.

Investigations are ongoing.