GPSU sidelined as gov’t focuses on Budget preparations


The governing administration earlier today indicated that it is currently busy with preparations for the 2017, Budget and is not purposely ignoring the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) on its talks about salary increases.

Having already rejected the Government’s proposed ‘interim’ payout of salary increases for 2016 at a differentiated rate of one to 10 per cent; the GPSU wants the administration to return to the bargaining table by month-end.

However, Governance Minister, Raphael Trotman, during a Post Cabinet presser held today, said that a meeting may most likely not be possible by month end but asserted that his administration has no interest in disregarding the Union.

“We have no hesitation in speaking to the GPSU or any other Union for that matter…but I know that the Ministry of Finance in particular, the officials have been consumed over the last few weeks  with readying the budget for early presentation at the end of this month,” Trotman explained.

Budget 2017 will be presented in the National Assembly by Finance Minister, Winston Jordan on November 28, 2016.

Government and the GPSU reached a deadlock in wage negotiations this year, prompting the administration to offer an interim payout to public servants.

The GPSU had expected an early return to the bargaining table and expressed disappointment and concern over government’s lack of haste in the matter.

The Union said that the posture of the government sends a message that might even raise questions about the extent to which any serious value is placed on the contribution that Public Servants make to Guyana.



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