GPSU mulling legal action against GGMC over union dues


The Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) says it will be moving to the courts shortly to file legal action against the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) over the alleged withholding of union dues from employees for a few months.

GPSU members during a press conference held today (Thursday)

Executives of the Guyana Public Service Union have denied that GGMC workers have opted to end their membership with the Union.

In fact, GPSU executive Mortimer Livan debunked a newspaper article that sought to draw that conclusion.

Livan told a news conference today that there are rules and procedures associated with membership of and resignation from trade unions.

Again, the GPSU executive debunked claims that the workers have not paid union dues in months, but the Union is alleging that the dues are being deducted and is unlawfully being withheld.

Another GPSU executive, Dawn Gardener said although it was reported that the workers made the request to have the monies deducted, the GPSU has not received any letter of resignations.

Nevertheless, the Union admitted that there have been instances where workers were dissatisfied with its representation in relation to occupational hazard of industrial relations practice.

However, the GPSU claims it has been persistent in trying to get a meeting with the GGMC to get these matters ironed out, as well as other issues.

The Union has already written the GGMC to meet and discuss this issue. However, if the matter is not resolved, the GPSU plans to proceed with legal action in two weeks’ time.


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