GPL to downsize staff with introduction of Hydro Power

GPL's Main Street office

Should the Amaila Falls Hydro project come on stream not only will consumers save but so too would the Guyana Power and Light Inc (GPL) as this would mean the downsizing of its staff.

Theoretically, it has been posed with the coming on stream of the Amaila Hydro electricity plant, all of GPL’s substations would be ably managed from one location, which has been identified as the new Sophia station.

GPL’s Board Chairman Winston Brassington explained today that since the introduction of the Wartsila plants and other contracted workers, permanent staff numbers have decreased over time.

However, at present there is still the difficulty of finding and retaining technical staff at the senior level. But the Chairman remains hopeful that with the IDB’s corporate development plan this problem would be addressed.

These issues were raised during a joint meeting of the parliamentary committees on economic services and natural resources today. [Delicia Fletcher]



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