‘GPL equipped for the holiday season’ – says CEO


Stable electricity distribution during the upcoming holiday season is high on the agenda for the Guyana Power and Light Incorporated (GPL), according to acting Chief Executive Officer of the power company, Renford Homer.

Efforts have been intensified to ensure that citizens receive satisfactory and quality electricity distribution during the holiday season, Homer said.

The Department of Public Information (DPI) quoted Homer as saying that the power company currently has adequate generation capacity which will cater for the peak demand whilst still having a reserve amount for emergencies.

“We have a generation capacity of approximately 130 megawatts and expect a peak demand of 115 or 116 megawatts, not exceeding 117 megawatts. This gives us a reserve of approximately 13 megawatts,” Homer explained.

The Kingston machine is out for maintenance and is expected to be in operation shortly. Homer said the machine has a capacity of approximately 7.9 megawatts and when operational will boost the company’s generation during the holiday season and even further into 2018 to meet the growing demand.

While providing clarification on the frequent spate of blackouts towards the end of July and in the middle of September, Homer revealed that this was as a result of GPL losing some of its bigger engines through mechanical failure.

Acting Chief Executive Officer, Renford Homer

He underlined that “there was a fair amount of concerns among consumers because we had reported that we were experiencing a generation shortfall, but we had to have the alternator on one of the engines, which is 6.9 megawatts, removed and shipped to Miami and it took a long time for it to be repaired.”

Additionally, there were also minor failures at the Garden of Eden location and the largest of the three engines at the Skeldon Energy Incorporated (which is 5 megawatts) was also out of service for planned maintenance during that period.

These issues resulted in the power company losing close to 20 megawatts which significantly impacted available and reserved capacity, “so we entered into a regime of broadcasted low shedding schedules and that caused discomfort,” Homer explained.

However, towards the end of September, most of GPL’s generators returned to normalcy and the power company is now in a better position for the holiday season.

This news is expected to be welcomed by an unwary Guyanese public who have been affected by a spate of frequent and sometimes prolonged blackouts, across the coastland.




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