GPL Deputy CEO yet to repay $27.8M

Aerswar Deonarine

By Jomo Paul

Aerswar Deonarine
Aerswar Deonarine

[] – Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Power and Light Company (GPL), Aeshwar Deonarine is yet to repay the government close to $28M that was illegally transferred to his personal account.

In early August, Deonarine had requested time from the government to repay the $27.8M which he transferred to his personal bank account in the United States.

On that occasion, Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson had stated “I am aware that a letter was sent in by the DCEO. He wrote the letter saying he does not believe his actions were wrong. However, he will refund the money, but is requesting some time, because the cash was transferred to his United States (US) account.”

However, four weeks later, the government is yet to receive the funds from Deonarine. When questioned by iNews on Monday, September 07, Patterson stated that as far as he is aware, the funds have not yet been returned.

An audit revealed that $28.748M was transferred from the PetroCaribe Fund into the personal accounts of FITUG President and GPL Director, Carvil Duncan and Deonarine.

A total of $27.8M went into Deonarine’s account and $948,000 to Duncan’s account, under the pretext that the monies were retroactive payments for salary increases.

However, the Board of Directors for GPL did not approve the salary increase for Deonarine, who would have approached the Board several times for his salary to be increased to the same as another Deputy CEO of GPL.



  1. those thieves should have been remanded until full restitution is being made.Come on APNU/AFC ,deal with the thieves.What are you guys waiting for????

  2. This government is either bending over backwards to be nice or they lack confidence in their legal and investigative teams. Or maybe they are afraid of being accused of ‘ethnic cleansing’. Get on with the business man! Let this greedy lowlife be hauled before the court to face the music. Approach the US embassy in connection with having him returned if necessary. This bandit needs to spend quality time as a guest of the president (at Camp and Durban). There he will be able to reflect on the wisdom of casting the beam out of your own eye so that you can see better to take the specks out of other peoples’ eyes.

  3. This matter should have been in Court ; he and his accomplice Duncan .Both confessed of taking the money without permission or authority ! What else is the Gov’t waiting for ?


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