GPL continues to blame the weather for recent power failures

GPL's Main Street office
CEO of GPL, Bharat Dindyal
CEO of GPL, Bharat Dindyal

The Guyana Power and Light (GPL) continue to blame the weather for the poor service being distributed to the Guyanese population.

At a public forum today, the Company’s Chief Executive Office, Bharat Dindyal   blamed the lightning experienced recently for power failures along the East Coast of Demerara.

Dindyal said that the lightning affected the transmission lines which were exposed. He noted that in order to prevent such a recurrence, the power company has imported surge protectors and installation will begin soon.

Additionally, the CEO said that the circuit serving the East Coast from Success to Coldingen was overloaded during the period of the Caribbean Premier League.

And to deal with this increasing demand, GPL has upgraded that circuit and has deployed a new substation at Good Hope which is expected to come on stream soon. [Akash Ramlackhan]



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