GPL CEO pocketed $73.4M annually


By Jomo Paul

Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson during his budget presentation.
Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson during his budget presentation.

[] – Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson has announced that under the former People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) administration, former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Guyana Power and Light (GPL), Bharat Dindyal was paid an annual salary of over $73 million.

Patterson made the disclosure while delivering his budget 2015 debate speech, where he stated that he felt obliged to clear the air on the issue before it brews out of control.

Dindyal was fired by the government less than two weeks ago after it was discovered that his contract had expired since December 2014 and he was working at the behest of Former Prime Minister Samuel Hinds after the two made a verbal agreement for a six-month extension on the contract.

Patterson, during his speech, revealed the mega salary of Dindyal while noting that GPL’s Board of Directors recommended that the CEO be dismissed. Among the reasons for Dindyal’s dismissal was his “autocratic” style of management, and failure to respect the Board of Directors, the Minister revealed.

Patterson also noted that “in the last three years GPL failed to extend more than 40% of its maintenance budget.”

Former CEO of GPL, Bharrat Dindyal
Former CEO of GPL, Bharrat Dindyal

Turning his attention to Dindyal’s remuneration, it was revealed that the former CEO pocketed $3.8M in basic salary, $875,000 in monthly gratuity, $500,000 for accommodation, security allowance at $525,000, leave passage at $210,000, and medical allowance at $210,000.

This would take the Former CEO’s monthly salary to a staggering $6.1M and annual earnings to $74.3M.


  1. rudeboi, if you are the same foul mouth we see on youtube, then just get off this site. You are a disaster, a disgrace to the Guyanese nation and people as a whole regardless of your political persuasion. If however you are not, then post comments that reflect some intellect and skill especially with word processing. Can you not do a spell check before you post your comment?

  2. This culture of corruption is a Guyanese problem, not an Indo or Afro Guyanese problem. We should all move forward as a people, learn from these bad experiences and try to make the country a better place for all Guyanese.
    It’s now in the hands of the new government. The Guyanese people are anxious and hopeful.

  3. Pay excessive but minister acted as if the power gone to his head already.
    He and his advisors must be aware of how things are done and that was the main reason some of is voted for a change. Politicians must not act as if they own guyana, becomming jagdeoish and burnhamish. We must demand that they do things according to acceptable protocols.

  4. Wonder no more.. that cuss out style came from his namesake BJ. Notice he wanted 8% on his G$3.8 million monthly salary. What a coincidence that he wanted to give a manager 8% on G$389,000 with the option to take it or leave it. My mother had a saying that time longer than twine. Time will bring more of his ilk full circle to experience some of what they dished out to others while on their throne. It was long in the making.

  5. This man earns US $ 360,000 annually, compared with US Vice-President Joe Biden who earns US$225,000. His salary would easily have paid 2,000 public servants at the bottom of the scale. I am certain that with the passage of time, we will discover that there were many more earning that type of salary under the previous administration. In the interest of full transparency, the Government should publish a list of all those officials who were or are being paid salaries in excess of what our ministers earn, that is approx G$600,000. That explains why our public servants were so poorly paid and it didn’t bother the previous administration.

  6. Thieving dog, this only carried on as some believed they would rule Guyana for an eternity… With all the money he teef still looks like an illiterate cane cutter on a day out from the estate….

  7. I can guarantee you its not even close to what this megalomaniac was getting….maybe Ralphy can get him a job…absolutely shameless people and whats worst is that this is normal behavior for most in the now opposition.

  8. Jesus this is LAWLESS! What the hell these thieves really thought Guyana was theirs. No wonder they are afraid of the light (audits) is there not some law to take care of this banditry. This is VULGER. Where are all the blind supporters of this criminal party Maharanee and company. Please tell us how much more of this our country could stand. My God while Guyanese Afro and Indi catching their royal ass to make ends meet. Im not sure_ does President Obama earn this much? If he does not maybe he should have moved to Guyana. Meanwhile this professional is cussing out his subordinates great management style while stuffing his pocket. Wonder where he got that cussing out style from?

  9. Not even close. Even Jagdeo with his 3 transformers cannot beat that. And you know it!!! So stop playing DUMB!!!!

  10. Where is the Indian Action Committee? Where is Ralph Ramkarran? Where is Kaieteur News? Yes, I ask where is Kaieteur News because it is the only newspaper that seems to be deliberately ignoring coverage of Bharat Dindyal’s shenanigans.

  11. oh my god!!!the PPP HAve DESTROYED gUYANA.gOD TOOK US OUT OF THaT CAPITALIST SYSTEM.tHE CEO AND THE PPP HAs nO SHAME AND SHOULD BOW OUT WITH GRACE.THEY HAVE RUINED GUYANA TO NOTHING.thiefing bastarde,nest of holligans,racist and selfish bastards.They are anti the audit cus there are lots to be revealed.Long live the colation.


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