GPHC slapped with $20M lawsuit after baby falls from cot

The parents of the baby
The parents of the baby
The parents of the baby

[] – If two young parents have their way, the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) may be forced to dole out $20M after a baby fell off a cot at the institution in early November.

The parents of Azim Balgobin, who fell off a cot just one hour after his birth, are accusing the GPHC of negligence which has led to some undue burden.

According to a brief press statement from the GPHC, the newborn male was delivered on November 03, 2015 at the Hospital and within an hour of his birth, fell off the cot on which he was placed.

The release stated that all appropriate laboratory tests were conducted which revealed some injuries. However, in a lawsuit filed on December 01, the baby has undergone surgery as a result of the mishap.

“The Plaintiff’s injuries were occasioned by negligence in that the Defendant, by its servants and/or agents.”

The lawsuit, which iNews has seen, states that GPHC failed to adequately and properly monitor the Plaintiff after birth; failed to take any adequate and proper precaution for safety of the Plaintiff and exposed the plaintiff to injuries which could have otherwise been avoided by reasonable care.

The family is seeking “damages in excess of ten million dollars ($10,000,000) for negligence as a result of the acts and/or omissions of servants and/or agents of the Defendant.”

Another $10M is being sought for personal injuries, pain and suffering of and to the Plaintiff occasioned by the negligence of the servants and/or agents of the Defendant.

It was noted that to date, the baby is still being treated of the injuries sustained and continues to endure pain, suffering and anguish.

According to the lawsuit, a CT Scan revealed that the baby suffered multiple injuries as a result of the said fall. The family is being represented by Attorney – at – Law, Anil Nandlall.



  1. Happy some one have boldly taken a step foward.we need more like this couple so all precautions will be taken to minimised these negligence of hospital staff.However we must understand there are accidents that sometimes are genuine and un avoidable.Human will err but we must have no tolerance for willfull negligence.

  2. is this a maternal death? and is the minister to be blamed for the negligence of nurses or catch the baby before it fall? u sound dotish

  3. On their Election campaign the APNU/AFC promised that their will be no more Maternity Deaths at the GPHC.What is happening now it’s worse than the previous Administration

  4. Mr. North said he will change things up after the APNU took office to reduce corruption…..guess Mr. North went to the south. I really hope this young coupe win their law suit case and force the ABC countries to STOP sending their student doctors to operate on the Guyanese PEOPLE to gain experience…..If you notice….Dr. DOOBAY was under investigation in Canada for fraud and other related issues. Before his medical license got suspended, he ran back to Guyana and involve in the same corruption. I had a friend who was admitted for acid fluid in his stomach and the GPHC cut him for Appendix….what a stupidity! These doctors do not conduct tests to determine the cause and nature of the issue one is having….the go by guessing based on their past experience…DUM DUM DUM! There are too much technologies today to revolve on instinct based decisions.

  5. Finally, someone is taking the bull by the ba..s! Guyanese have to know that they CAN sue a government or quasi-government entity. Best of luck to this grieving couple.


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