GPHC probes allegations of mistreatment of nurses


The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) says it is investigating allegations of mistreatment against nurses, where one of them has since claimed that she was forced to strip in front of a supervisor to prove that she was indeed on her monthly menstrual cycle.

In Facebook posts that have since garnered over 1000 shares, nurses attached to the country’s main health institution have anonymously been sharing stories of the mistreatment they face.

In one instance, a nurse claimed that she was on her period and had asked to go home to tidy up and return to work.

However, her supervisor reportedly refused and insisted that he needed to speak with her urgently.

The nurse claimed that when she entered his office, he insisted that she have a seat, which she declined to do for fear that blood stains would become visible on her clothes.

Eventually, the supervisor made a call to get some sanitary napkins and a change of underwear delivered to his office.

According to the post, he then instructed that a female supervisor accompany the nurse to the washroom in his office to oversee her as she changed.

The nurse claims that the female supervisor actually inspected her underwear to ensure there was indeed blood.

The nurse further alleged that she made a complaint about the issue to higher authorities but nothing was done.

In fact, the woman alleged that she informed the Chief Executive Officer of the matter, but he reportedly informed that he does not view the matter as an assault.

Several other nurses have since come forward anonymously, sharing their own experiences, especially under the same supervisor in question.

The GPHC, in a subsequent statement, said it has taken note of the allegations and has since launched an investigation.

The GPHC said it condemns all forms of misconduct and misuse of authority.