GPHC patient found dead at Middle Street


An investigation has been launched into the circumstances surrounding the death of a Laing Avenue, Georgetown resident whose lifeless body was found in the vicinity of Zoom Online Shopping, Middle Street, Georgetown.

The dead man was subsequently identified as 55-year-old Winston Blaclette – who was a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Based on reports received, his body was discovered at about 21:00h on Wednesday by a security officer attached to Da Silva’s Optical.

The security officer was informed of the motionless body by another male and immediately raised an alarm. He further summoned that EMT Ambulance Services to the scene. Upon arriving, the medical personnel confirmed that the man was dead.

He was reportedly bleeding through his mouth and nostrils. There were no visible signs of violence and as such, foul play was ruled out by the police.

However, hospital officials confirmed that the now dead man had visited the Georgetown Public Hospital and complained of chest pains and a swollen foot. As such, he was examined and diagnosed with leptospirosis.

Due to his medical condition, he was admitted a patient in the male surgical ward. Police Headquarters said the man was not discharged from the medical facility. They are working with the theory that the man might have left the hospital unknowing to the doctors there.

A postmortem will be conducted as investigations continue.