GPF says not removing ‘E’ Division Commander…will proceed with community outreach programmes


Although there have been recent protests in the mining town of Linden, Region 10, with residents calling for the transfer of the area’s current Divisional Commander, Senior Superintendent Calvin Brutus, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) remains unmoved in its decision to have the senior officer remain in that location.

E Division Commander, Senior Superintendent Calvin Brutus
E Division Commander, Senior Superintendent Calvin Brutus

According to the Police Force, those protests were orchestrated by relatives and friends of several individuals who have been charged with serious crimes which include rape, murder and armed robbery.

INews understands that despite the lobbying being done by those residents for the removal of Commander Brutus from ‘E’ Division (Linden/Kwakwani), the Division continues to forge ahead with its Community Outreach Programmes. This is in keeping with the Police Force’s Social Crime Prevention Programme. It was noted that the outreach programmes have been gaining momentum through significant community support.

The Police Force posits that this has positively impacted on police-community relations, more particularly with youth empowerment, through life skills development and the inculcation of good moral values.

“Noteworthy is that today…during the Children Mashramani Costume Competition at Mackenzie, Linden, a nursery school student who was a participant was dressed as the Police Commander of the Division,” the GPF said in a statement to the media.




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