GPF re-launches tint campaign, equipped with better tech


tinted-glassThe Guyana Police Force (GPF) has re-launched its campaign against heavily tinted motor vehicles in the country.

Moments after Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan handed over a Chinese Embassy donation of 18 tint meters and 15 decibel meters to Police yesterday, Traffic Chief, Deon Moore disclosed that the Force only recently, reintroduced its campaign to remove tint from vehicles without the necessary documentation.

The Traffic Chief stressed that even vehicles owned by police ranks, whether public or private, will not be exempted from the penalty.

Additionally, he noted that drivers of mini-buses, owned by Police ranks that violate noise nuisance laws, will also be reined in.

Moore explained that only the Public Security Ministry can authorise the use of heavily tinted vehicles and stated that the measure is only approved for specific categories of Ranks.

Meanwhile, Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud told the media that the Force will carry out several assessments to determine where the 18 tint meters and 15 decibel meters will be deployed.

Persaud further noted that visibility will be a key factor when police assess the amount of darkness the tint carries.


  1. Lots of Policemen including Senior Police Officers have their cars heavily tinted , and they are not above the law. Now lets see if any action would be taken against them.


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