GPF records 33% hike in robbery with violence


Acting Top Cop, David Ramnarine on Wednesday reported that for the period of January 1, 2017, to October 9, 2017, compared to the same time period last year, there has been a 33 per cent increase in robbery with violence throughout the country.

He told media operatives during a press briefing that the Guyana Police Force intends to place more focus on this area, especially since this is the only category of serious crimes which has recorded an increase.

Acting Police Commissioner David Ramnarine

“This one, we are paying some attention to it and we trust that with the coming season…with more focus on the roadways and in certain areas like the commercial districts and so on, we will be able to reduce it. There were 76 reports last year, that’s robbery with violence, against 101 this year and that’s a 33% increase,” he posited.

Moreover, in his breakdown, the Top Cop (ag) noted that  the country has recorded a nine per cent decrease in serious crimes, 13 per cent decrease in murder, 15 per cent decrease in robbery under arms, a six per cent decrease in robbery under arms where other instruments were involved and a 17 per cent decrease in break and enter and larceny.

Additionally, compared to a record of 205 rape reports last year, there were 187 this year – a reduction of 8.5 per cent.

Meanwhile, Ramnarine proudly stated that in his opinion, the “clear up” percentage “is very very good at this point in time. It has been so for a while now and I think it’s very high compared to other countries.”

A breakdown of the percentages, divulged by Ramnarine,  saw a 68 per cent clear up rate in murder, 32 per cent with robbery under arms, 37 per cent with robbery under arms where other instruments are involved, 46 per cent with robbery with violence at, 53 per cent with rape and 27 per cent with break and enter and larceny.

The Senior Officer further credited the improved performance to training in capacity building and other forms of support and assistance from Canada’s Justice Society Program.


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