GPF modernising its physical infrastructure countrywide

Some works ongoing at the GPF Headquarters at Eve Leary, Georgetown

Millions of dollars in works are ongoing to modernise the physical infrastructure of the Guyana Police Force (GPF).

In a brief statement, the GPF explained that as it “embraces the modern era”, it is seeking to update the existing physical infrastructure and to improve the aesthetics of the headquarters located at Eve Leary, Georgetown.

“This is evident as steady works are apace at the Police Force’s Headquarters at Eve Leary, aimed at transforming the decades-old buildings and its environment – into ones that are more modern, accommodating and ‘user-friendly’ to visitors and ranks stationed there,” the GPF noted.

Apart from the headquarters, works are also ongoing across the country including the  construction of new Divisional Headquarters and renovations to already existing police stations.

When contacted for an exact cost of this project, Public Relations Officer at the GPF, Stan Gouveia could not immediately disclosure but he undertook to provide the information.

Nevertheless, he explained the importance of the project, noting that one of the main aims is to eliminate wooden buildings.

Another important aspect to these infrastructural works, he explained, is to equip the buildings with proper fire prevention and fire response mechanisms.

This is in light of fires which destroyed 80% of the Brickdam Police Station and some sections of the building which housed the Police’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR).