GPF issues traffic advisory for Mash 2018

The Guyana Police Force is informing members of the public that in order to facilitate activities relating to the Mashramani float parade 2018, the following intersections will be closed to vehicular traffic from 6:00h until the end of the days’ activities;
      Camp Street & Thomas land
      Albert Street & Wooldord Avenue
      Sandy Bobb & Vlissegen Road
      Sandy Bobb & J.B Singh
      Barr Street & Vlissengen Road
      Dowding & Vlissengen Road
      Station Street & Vlissengen Road
      Lamaha street & Vlissengen Road
      Woolford Avenue & Vlissengen Road
      Woolford & J.B Singh
      Anira & Irving Streets
      Laluni & Irving Streets
The Following roads will also be closed to facilitate the float parade;
  •  Crown & Irving streets
  •  Almond & Irving Streets
  •  Forshaw & Irving Streets
  •  Church Street & Vlissengen Road
  •  North & Vlissengen Roads
  •  Regent Street & Vlissengen Road
  •  South & Vlissengen Road
  •  Brickdam & Vlissengen Road
  •  Homestretch Avenue & Vlissengen Road
  •  Hadfield & Vlissengen Road
  •  Mandela Avenue & Vlissengen Road
According to the police, any inconvenience caused is regretted.


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