GPF calls on marketers and agents in “Yuri Ponzi Scheme” to visit CID

Cuban national Yuri Garcia Dominguez and his wife Ateeka Ishmael

As police continue to investigate the massive “Ponzi Scheme” which was being operated by Cuban national Yuri Garcia-Dominguez and his Guyanese wife, Ateeka Ishmael, the marketers and agents who were involved in the operation are urged to visit the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters at Eve Leary, Georgetown.

Yuri Garcia Dominquez and his wife, Ateeka Ishmael were arrested in August of last year.

They are currently facing close to 100 charges for obtaining monies by false pretence; operating a Pyramid Scheme and operating a financial institution without the requisite registration.

The couple is currently out on over $30M bail.

Given that investigations are still ongoing, the Police Force is asking all marketers and agents to visit the Criminal Investigation Department Headquarters, Eve Leary, Georgetown with all their documents of receiving and handing over of cash to the couple.

In October 2020, the couple’s lawyer Dexter Todd said that his clients will commence the process of repaying investors. But to date, only $3 million of the $4 billion has been returned.

Dominquez and his wife are the principals of Accelerated Capital Firm Incorporated. Sometime last year, the company ceased all operations in Guyana after authorities discovered that it was operating without a license from the Guyana Securities Council.

The company claimed that it was not aware that it needed a license to operate in Guyana since it already has an international license to trade from the International Monetary Fund.

The Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act prohibits businesses from operating as financial institutions without the necessary registration for regulation and supervision by the Regulatory Authorities, the Financial Intelligence Unit, and Guyana Securities Council.

The couple has maintained their innocence on all the charges levelled against them.