GPF advancing education on new e-bike law in Region Three

Traffic Officer Region Three, Assistant Superintendent Maniram Jagnanan

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) is taking steps to educate road users about the recent amendments made to the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act Cap 51:02 in relation to the regulation of e-bikes.

Speaking with the Department of Public Information (DPI) Friday last, Region Three Officer in Charge of Traffic, Assistant Superintendent, Maniram Jagnanan disclosed that there has been a notable increase in e-cycles on the roadways, with most users being young and inexperienced.

This surge in usage, he noted, has created a necessity for education programmes before the new law can be effectively enforced.

It is important for e-cycle users to familiarise themselves with these laws and adhere to them, in order to ensure their safety as well as other road users.

Several e-cycle users have lost their lives due to accidents, while others were injured. By educating road users, authorities hope to reduce the occurrence of such accidents.

The officer also highlighted that when e-cycle users are stopped, instead of facing legal charges, they are provided with valuable information on safe road usage, defensive driving techniques, and the process of obtaining a driver’s license, among other relevant topics.

While the sensitisation efforts are ongoing countrywide, ASP Jagnanan underscored that the approach aims to foster a sense of responsibility and improve the overall understanding of road safety regulations among e-cycle users.

The act amends section two of the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act to regulate the use of electric cycles. It defines an electric cycle as any motorcycle that has an electric motor and is fitted with an effective stopping system controlled by the use of brakes, gears, or motor control.

The new piece of legislation was successfully passed in the National Assembly on May 10.

Since its passage, the GPF has been providing education about the law to the public, rather than immediate enforcement.