Gov’t wants to ‘talk’ with former ‘Death Squad’ member

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon.

By Jomo Paul

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon.
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon.

[] – The Government of Guyana has noted with interest revelations made by former policeman Shawn Hinds about his involvement in the ‘Death Squad’ and Guyana’s criminal underworld.

Hinds in a recent explosive interview with HGPTV Nightly News revealed details about his involvement in the death squad and who were the persons behind the scene.

Minister of State Joseph Harmon on Wednesday, July 22, told reporters at a post cabinet press conference that there are serious implications about the revelations made by Hinds.

“Mr Hinds’ revelations fit into the mould that says there are intellectual authors of crime…as a government we will have to pursue those,” said Harmon.

Shawn Hinds
Shawn Hinds

In this regard, he pointed out that the government would be willing to talk with Hinds as he may have other pertinent information.

“The state apparatus will be interested in following up those leads and ask him some other questions. It is interesting to know that this is something Mr Hinds is making public…. Mr Hinds can provide us with some further information,” he stated.

When questioned about the possibility of Hinds being offered amnesty, Harmon indicated that such a decision cannot be made by him, explaining that any deals being made with Hinds will have to be made by the police and other relevant authorities, including the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Attorney General.

“Mr Hinds can protect himself…he is welcomed to go into the police if he feels he needs some additional information,” said the Minister of State.

Hinds in the interview revealed that the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the police force provided the death squad with weapons and that he worked with the late Axel Williams, who was gunned down several years ago.

“Years ago they said I was part of a killing squad …I can’t deny that. I can’t sit here and deny that…If I wasn’t a part of a killing squad, this country wouldn’t a got law and order…because there was Shawn Brown, Dale Moore and Chip Teeth.”

Hinds made it clear that there is a difference between the “phantom squad” and the “death squad”, pointing out that he was part of the latter.

“Well the boss was a man named Axel Williams who I worked under. Late at night you would see people burn up people in car on the seawall and we used to go after these people including the police! Not we alone…the police was part of it! We used to get guns from the police…I used to go uplift a gun from CID headquarters; a machine gun so this thing was not no one sided affair… where I’m operating on my own army and Axel Williams operating upon he own…We was guided and in communication with senior people from CID headquarters,” Hinds said.

Up until recently, the former policeman acted as a bodyguard for the now sacked Town Clerk, Carol Sooba.


  1. Hinds really is of low intelligence to think being part of a death squad is not the same as a phantom squads murder is murder and to deliver justice via extra judicial killing is worse… This house nigger took his pieces if silver now wants to Purge himself and attempt to extract protection… Well your handlers have cut you loose and your on your own as a marked man… Not long now

  2. This guy Joseph HARPMON is all over the media. Only harping and harping with little substance to date, This man never see a camera and microphone he didn’t like. Why wasn’t Khemraj Ramjattan the one commenting on this story? Is it because he has no real power?

  3. Joey….is scared and Sean Hinds knows what is coming that’s why he is singing,as he realizes that he no longer has protection and that the new administration especially Kemraj Ramjattan is on a mission for the truth.Sean realizes that he is a loose end and that’s why he is talking,just like George Bacchus he heard that they were coming for him and when they mistakenly shot his brother he was certain and started to sing.Sean isn’t waiting for that,but one thing is certain if the government don’t protect him.They will take him out and very soon.

  4. This criminal is well schooled and connected. JAIL him!!!! Let the govt take control of this killer daaag.

  5. Yea I think they should really put him in protective custody.
    asked him questions hear what he has to say, pick sense out of non-sense, put two and two together and make some arrest

  6. When there are such expose which are critical to the public interest as in Mafia activities; Drug Underworld activities etc. there is a crying need for a Truth Commission with clear Terms to gather evidence and gave directions what are for criminal trials, for Reviews by the various Statutory Commissions, for Summary actions re administration. Also it is important that there is need to set in place measures for protective custody for a critical police agency is being fingered as well not only for this situation but as a matter of course considering the nature of crimes, rogue cops and death squads. Get a negotiator in place and not one that will get rid of the witness as in Blackie’s case. Remember!!!!

  7. This is not a matter of condoning. why wouldnt the Government want to hear about these crimes from someone who has inside information? this would enable them to better deal with those responsible for those unlawful deaths.

  8. Exactly what needs to be done. Put him in protective custody and let him sing. If he remains out there sooner or later he will be dead. Knows too much.

  9. Joey -hold it there- do not be scared – blame will be lay where it should be and not to make anyone a scapegoat- this is no hush hush situation- he has made himself into an informant- many more will have to talk; 450 blackmen lives where taken so many more will have to talk.

    Hold it meh buddy

  10. What nonsense, if you were protected before and you are now noticing dark vans outside of your house, you know that you are being watched because you might be next, so you let everyone know what is going on. The government MUST follow up on these allegations. The government is not condoning anything. I guess you are afraid to hear the rest of what is to come, to find out all the dirty underbelly of what has been going one for the past years. I hope that they put him in protective custody and let the chips fall where ever.

  11. Why is Mr. Hinds coming out now to disclose this information and not before? And why would the Government want to entertain or want to have any discussion with a know criminal. What the government should do is to proceed to arrest and charge him appropriately for committing the crimes that he is now openly confessing to instead playing politics. He deliberately and intentionally killed Guyanese. So Mr. Harmon and Ramjattan up hold the law of the land and represent the people of Guyana and immediately arrest this criminal and put him behind bars. Failure to do so will be Sending a clear message to the Guyanese people that the government is condoning criminals to kill. Don’t try to place blame on the opposition at the expense of the folks that were killed – arrest this confessed killer NOW and do not make any deals or promises with him.


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