Gov’t upset about students protesting

Parents, students during a recent protest action. [iNews' Photo]

Parents and students during the protest action recently. [iNews' Photo]
Parents and students during the protest action recently. [iNews’ Photo]
[]As protest actions continue across the country in relation to the deplorable state of some schools, government is concerned with students participating in such actions, and is blaming the main opposition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) for this.

At his post cabinet media briefing on Wednesday September 25, Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon expressed his disgust at the sight of students protesting during school hours.

“The specter that we saw on TV last night where second, third and fourth formers parading with placards in their hand during school hours…when does it stop? I cannot for the life of me phantom second formers, third formers, fourth formers and their conscious involvement by APNU led elements protesting during school hours. I wasn’t aware it was on the curriculum,” Dr. Luncheon told reporters.

When questioned, he accepted the fact that some schools are in need of repairs and that some of the protests are justifiable. However, his contention is with the disruption of classes.

“The act of having students protest during school hours is unacceptable. Parents must be concerned,” the Cabinet Secretary said.

Since the beginning of the new school term, several protest erupted across the country by parents and students.



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