Govt “tone-deaf”, longer they are in office more damage they will do- Jagdeo


By Ramona Luthi

Government’s knack to focus primarily on frivolous matters is a clear depiction that they are “tone-deaf” to the burning issues being faced by Guyanese on a daily basis, and the longer they stay in office, the more harm they will do to the country and the economy.

Opposition leader Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

This is according to Opposition Leader, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo who, on Thursday during his weekly press conference at his Church Street office, placed focus on the phenomenal rise in cost of living for Guyanese, while asserting his belief that the APNU-AFC Administration is to be blamed for most of the difficulties facing Guyanese.

“…A lot of it came about directly because of Government polices [like] the increased taxation on international trade and on commodities. They put on the VAT [Value Added Tax] on several commodities that were not VAT-able  before, including water and electricity. They have increased the exchange rate for valuation purposes at customs, so that automatically would move the price of imported goods up. They have amended the law [allowing] the GRA to, arbitrarily in some cases, increase the valuation of goods that people bring in although they have invoices for those goods and that has led not just to an increased valuation but to an increase in in tax payments” he expounded.

The Opposition Leader also lamented on the fact that Guyanese are now being forced to pay more to retrieve personal public documents, such as a birth certificates, passports, or  have them replaced.

In its three years in office the Government has implemented over 200 new taxes.


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