Govt to repair roads damaged during works on new housing development at Fort Ordinance


Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal earlier today visited Fort Ordinance, Berbice following concerns by residents over the deterioration of internal roads, as a result of ongoing works on a new housing development by the Central Housing and Planning Authority.

During the visit which included the two contractors who have been awarded the contracts for the new housing development and regional officials, two streets have been identified to be used as ingress and egress to the new housing development. Residents had complained that the heavy-duty trucks being used in the community have been causing much disruption to their daily activities.

Further, the Minister has committed to effect repairs to any roadway that may be damaged during the duration of the project. The ongoing works at the new housing development are expected to be completed in October.

In the interim, the Central Housing and Planning Authority will be engaging residents of the community to communicate and generate feedback as the project progresses.

Also, while in the region the Minister visited ongoing works at Hampshire/Williamsburg where works are also ongoing on new housing development.

He also made a brief stop at Number 46 Village, Corentyne to engage the NDC on another issue.