Gov’t to re-allocate house lots to suit low income earners


With a new system in place by the department of housing under the Ministry of Communities, Guyanese who are considered low income earners are being given the opportunity to own a house lot. Persons who were offered house lots beyond their financial affordability will now be re-allocated a lot that they can afford.

Minister Valerie Sharpe-Patterson
Minister Valerie Sharpe-Patterson

According to the Government Information Agency (GINA), Minister in the Ministry of Communities with responsibility for housing, Valerie Sharpe-Patterson has explained that “if you have received a letter with $1.2M and you cannot afford it, if you can afford it, ok, but if you can’t come in to us.”

An alternative allocation would be made after consultations with the applicants on what can be afforded. However, it was pointed out that specific emphasis will be placed on addressing the backlog to provide lots for low income earners.

GINA said the ministry is in the process of securing more lands for this category of applicants. Minister Sharpe-Patterson is of the view that there is enough land in Guyana to provide every citizen with a house lot. The minister has advised that Wednesday, January 27, 2016 is dedicated to addressing this issue. Persons for alternative allocations are urged to take along the letter sent to them by the housing department.

“In some areas we cannot readily do allocations for low income or those who cannot afford… for the high and middle income, we have lands available but the masses, about 94 percent of that 25,000 is low income earners, and that’s the reason why I have to pay attention …and it is in all regions,” the minister explained. She promised to work to ensure that every Guyanese is provided with a house lot.

Persons are advised that allocations are currently being done at Covent Garden, Herstelling, Perseverance, Farm and Providence, East Bank Demerara. For the West Bank, lots are available at Parfaite Harmonie.



  1. She is another dummy does not know what on earth she talking about–she is more interested in the way she look –incompetence at the highest level.

  2. Minister you are opening a can of worms….hope you can deal with it!! What about who already paid by taking a loan? What is your yardstick to determine who cannot afford? This will turn out to be favouritism, nepotism and cryonism and all the ism


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