Gov’t to make decision on Marriott Hotel after audit


By Jomo Paul

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon.
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon.

[] – Head of the Presidential Secretariat Joseph Harmon says the government is awaiting the results of a financial audit of the operations of the Atlantic Hotels Inc – Guyana Marriott before a decision is taken on the way forward.

The Marriott Hotel has been a contentious issue for both the Alliance For Change and A Partnership For National Unity with their arguments being that there was no transparency behind the project.

President David Granger on the campaign trail vociferously stated that the government was better off investing in the University of Guyana rather than in the Marriott Hotel.

“I think if we can build a first star hotel we can build a five star university and this is where our priorities must lay,” Granger repeatedly stated on the campaign trail.

However, now that the APNU+AFC has attained office, questions were raised about the future of the hotel in Marriott 7Guyana.

“Cabinet considered the matter and was advised by the Minister of Finance that an audit has already started into the project and cabinet would arrive at a final decision after the audit has been completed,” Harmon told reporters on Wednesday, June 24.

He made it clear that the government has no intention of being involved in the private tourism industry in such a manner.

“Government prefers not to be involved in private business…so that government does not compete with private businesses in that regard,” he stated.



  1. it would be a real shame if this hotel were to close because of politics; guyana needs to move forward; look what happened when the train system was scrapped; later Reid admitted what a tragic mistake that was. by then it was too late. the country still paying for it with all the mini buses madness.
    Hope this new govt avoids this mistake by taking out what is surely one of the most beautiful landmarks now and also provides a lot for high star tourism. By contrast the pegasus nearby looks homely now.


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