Govt to launch wellness initiative to promote healthier lifestyle among citizen


Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony has announced that the government will soon be launching a wellness initiative aimed at promoting healthier lifestyles among Guyanese.

“Later in the year we would also launch a more preventive programme that focuses on wellness and that programme, we’re looking at explaining to people what would be the right diet…healthy eating, a more proactive lifestyle, less sitting, more standing, more walking, to get enough sleep, to destress, what are the factors causing stress and what you can do to get less stress.”

“So these are all important components of a wellness lifestyle, so we’ve been working on a plan and later on in the year we would be…launching this officially and promoting this across the country.”

In this regard, Dr Anthony stressed the dangers of obesity, as he urged Guyanese to take their health seriously.

“Obesity is a risk factor for a number of chronic non-communicable diseases. These diseases include diabetes, high blood pressure, some persons present with high cholesterol, a lot of these persons would have cardiovascular diseases or heart disease. Some persons would suffer from stroke and some would have difficulty sleeping.”

Since 2020, World Obesity Day has been officially observed on March 4, this year under the theme ‘Changing Perspectives: Let’s Talk About Obesity’.