Gov’t to give tax incentives to home builders


Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan. [iNews' Photo]
Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Establishing building zones within communities, to allow for comfort and easy access to industries and commercial establishment is to be a major focus, as the administration works towards the realisation of its housing policy.

This is to also ensure that home builders and house lots applicants get value for their money, Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan said. Addressing the close-out ceremony of the Government of Guyana/Inter-American Development Bank (GOG/IDB) Second Low Income Settlement Programme last week, he stated that focus will also be on ensuring that basic infrastructure, (electricity, roads, water, drainage) are in place, as house lots are issued.housing-development-610x300

According to the Government Information Agency (GINA), the Minister said that as part of making the process easier, government is working with financial service providers to facilitate affordable loans to home builders. It will also be seeking to give tax incentives to encourage home builders to use locally produced materials.

It was noted that government will also standardise building and safety codes, support volunteerism to help those in need of assistance to build homes, and build starter homes across Guyana, for those in need of transitioning from rented homes to home ownership.




  1. I love when the truth that these free- DOMB- house bloggers fail to accept is told over and over again to them, they just wake up or they sleep blogging? Reality is 23 year of some of the worst thieves ever in office, what is going to be interesting is when JAIL time comes around and these sleeping fools have to sleep walk to Lot 12 Camp street morning noon and tea time, its nice to see them being thought new words, I know the HIGH CLASS celebrity events eating away at many of them,a people with CLASS do classic things not like them wish washy crap and millions taken, for the 50th they will suffer more heart burn, ease of the curry fools eat some real food and sit back and enjoy a CLEAN and healthy GUYANA

  2. Dax you seem only interested in all this transparency now when you turned a blind eye to the ppp excesses for 23 years…how about jagdeo ‘s big big thank you party to him self at the national stadium..who paid for that DAX?

  3. Good one DAX23. Side Kick I have said in the past and will again “you deserve a swift kick up the A**”. PPP/C brought this country back to what it is today yet you idiots can’t see beyond their noses. A few more years of this APNU/AFC Defacto Colation and our country will decline into shambles.

  4. Oh yes! That word was their mantra during the election campaign. How transparent was their salary hike? How transparent was the big birthday celebration for Granger? How transparent was the inauguration of Granger as president? How transparent was the cleaning up operation for the inauguration both before and after? How transparent were the appointments of members of the various Regions, the REO’s?
    Side Kick, you could really fantasize; you have a great sense of imagination. Keep on fooling yourself

  5. Mr Bulkan seems to believe that this is a new initiative. All these were in place during the tenure of the previous administration especially with regards to tax incentives and specially arranged loans from commercial banks for would be home owners. It is absolutely no new initiative


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