Govt. to charge and prosecute protesters involved in ‘objectionable’ protest


                By Kurt Campbell

Parents, students during a recent protest action. [iNews' Photo]
Parents, students during a recent protest action. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon has joined with the Ministry of Education in issuing a stern warning to those who engage in school protests, which according to the Government violates objectionable standing policies.

Protesters, who invade school premises, disrupt the access to schools and classes are being warned of Government’s intention to have them charged and prosecuted.

“Cabinet has made its decision, where such actions are carried out, perpetrators can expect that they will be charged and prosecuted,” Dr. Luncheon said.

According to the Cabinet Secretary, this is part of the Administration’s aggressive approach to arrest the situation which seems to be spiraling out of control with the growing number of protests on school premises including children and resulting in the locking and blocking of access to the premises.

He said what is also of alarm is the aiding and abetting by leading Opposition Members in what he described as “protests of objectionable violations.”

The Cabinet Secretary noted that this move is in support of the Ministry of Education’s efforts that seek to discourage school children from protest action, especially during school hours.

He believes there is no justification – whether the protest is against dilapidated school infrastructure, unavailability of teachers or simply the comfort of students in the classroom – for persons to be sent into high levels of ‘lawlessness’.

“It is best to put in place methods to avoid repetition than to address these matters over and over again” Dr. Luncheon said, adding that “there will be no tolerance for such objectionable protest.”

The Ministry of Education only last month – commencement of 2013-2014 academic year – issued a statement expressing similar sentiments. Protesters have since expressed the view that their concerns are legitimate and such protests are necessary.



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